Sunday, May 10

Why I prefer GIMP over Photoshop

Geekz0r man, I respect you for using PhotoShop. I never knew the dangers you faced
This my friends is one of many reasons why the ability to review Open Source is important:

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART

Ok, it's an oldie, but it's good!


  1. Great little video but you do know thats Flash not Photoshop ?

  2. Photoshop == Teh Evil
    Flash == Teh Evil
    Ergo: Flash == Photoshop.

    Q.E.D. :-)

  3. I am using Gimp, Paintshop Pro and Photoshop. Personally I think Paintshop is a brilliant tool. Gimp is not too bad, but as with most linux/freeware tools it is always a bit of puzzle to find out where all options have moved with each update. Photoshop is not that bad, but it just has too many features.

    Hopefully/probably soon Flash/ActionScript will be added to my list of tools. I have learned my first lesson today already; do not draw and poke at stick figures.

  4. Heh, PSP rules, as long as we're not talking about anything more recent than version 7b.
    GIMP's UI design philosophy seems to be to be equidistant from every other UI design philosophy made, so that it's equally awkward to learn to use it no matter where you come from.
    An Open Source app that pwns every proprietary one in its genre because of UI usability is XNview.