Monday, May 11

Let's start at the beginning

I'm back, and I am very busy pretending I don't have any jet lag. So while I am still awake I thought I better make a quick post with some pictures from down-under.

This is not the first thing I have seen on my vacation, so it is not the beginning in that sense, but it is one of the last remaining places in the world that has living stromatolites. They are basically just a bunch of rocks. But three and a half billion years ago they were the first living organisms on the planet. At that time the atmosphere had only 2% oxygen. But these nifty organisms took over the planet and increased the atmosphere's oxygen levels to 20% which allowed the development of life as we know it. Of course as gratitude for doing this they got eaten by the creatures that couldn't have lived without them. Thanks to the low tide, salty water, and remote location this piece of earth history remained. Quite amazing actually.

Now you are probably thinking this could be anywhere. So I guess I better add one more picture to clear that up. This one should do the trick :)


  1. Yeah, the Antwerp Zoo is a great place to go :-p

  2. That Kangaroo looks a lot better than this one I must say.

  3. 3.5 billion years ago? First living organism? 2% oxygen? At the risk of starting a rather lengthy discussion, I'll say that I don't subscribe to those theories.

    Cool picture though, thanks for taking it and sharing! I can't help but feel a little jealous, you getting to travel all over the world and me stuck here at this desk 8-4:30 every day of the week. :)

  4. Are you saying you don't believe Our Lord could have made a 2.5 billion years old globular world with accompanying universe in six days?

    Kids these days. No faith... :-)

  5. The only reason we are here is to have discussions :) But this will be one that always ends in 'I agree to disagree' at best. At work subjects like this come up quite a bit since I am the only religious/christian person in the office. So they always hope to catch me on dubious statements, or somehow prove me wrong. But there is nothing to prove. One of the guys here once said he would only believe in God if there would be scientific prove. If I would ever find that scientific prove I will stop believing, since it is fact now.

    In this case of these organisms I think they were really there 3.5 billions years ago. The six days in which God created the universe does not exactly have to line up with six human earth days.

    But then again, you are probably right and I should keep quiet. I just had to get this of my chest :)

  6. Aye, this blog is for discussion, and teasing., I can still tease right?

    I don't know of any established church these days that takes the 6 days of Creation literally. But then again, as an agnostic I'm not opposed to religion or faith of any kind, organization claiming your route to God is through them make me itchy. Too many Millions slain in the name of the Roman church and all that. I can't abide liberalists who think they're so enlightened, so cerebral and scientific either though.

    What it comes down to for me is that anyone is allowed to make up his or her belief system, which has nothing to do with accepting facts, as long as they don't try to force their own belief system unto others.

    Oh and any system (religious or otherwise) that can't take a bit of good natured mockery / being poked fun at isn't as strong and stable as it claims to be. Just adding that to strengthen my teasing clause :-)

  7. *scratches head*
    I didn't say a thing about God, just that I don't subscribe to those theories. Could it be that you guys are jumping to conclusions? ;)

    Or maybe you just know me better than I thought. lol This is good, if that's the case.

    But... You're right. I do believe in God, Jesus, the Bible, and a literal 6 days creation. I'd be happy to discuss it with anyone too, privately or otherwise.

    But that's not why we're here. I probably shouldn't have brought it up. I have a feeling I done did it now. :D I know that when Lani finds a platform, he likes to use it. /tease

    So Phe, hows come you was down under? It's on my list of places to visit some day, but probably won't get there any time in the near future.

  8. Yes please more about down under :) Having spent 6 glorious months there I want to hear more!

  9. Just remember, anything you say on the Internet will be stored for furture reference, like Fractured's religious beliefs which he divulged to us on Gameamp in a discussion about gaiety sometime during 2006. Possibly my thread about my nephew upon posed with the choice of watching 300 or Dream Girls came up with the coffee-choke/spurt-inducing statement "Dream Girls are Gay".

    Anyhoo, me too on the more down under stuff. Never been there, so...