Sunday, May 10

Sunday Screenshot Showoff, the LoTRO edition

This Sunday's Screenshot Showoff will be completely dedicated to LotRO.
  1. I forgot to make screenshots of other games this week.
  2. LoTRO is very, very screenshotable, even though some Alt's weren't being co-operative.
  3. You could be submitting your own games' screenshots if you'd rather see something else but you're not.
    Drop me a line at tnanog[at] and I'll set you up. :-)

I wonder what could be on Gandalf's mind?

Some kick-ass / stab-chest spear wielding animations

Just 'pinning' this Weathertop Postcard to your wall :-)
I just love those volumetric clouds.

Night skies offer some familiar looking constellations.
(you'll need to click the image for bigger version)

First time in a party. It was hectic.
Especially with everyone but me anticipating the scripted events.

Anyone fancy a skinny dip?

TTA: 7 Days
(Time to ALT )

Gah! I thought that only happened to real life people...
Note 'Ered Luin' (Blue mountain) in the back looking rather un-blueish

TTUI: 8 Days
(Time To UI mod)

But can you blame me? Compare the readability on these.
Left side is the original UI.
I also greatly enjoy the less in-the-way hotbars.


  1. Looks like Blogspot has a loadbalancing / replication error.
    If I hit the "home" link it'll reload Yammob but with Geek's AoC article at the top. Clicking it again, gets me all of todays posts again. CLicking it a third time, they disappear again.
    I'm curious how long this'll last.

  2. LotRO has some great environments, nice :)

  3. The landscapes look very nice. I am not as excited about the way the characters look. But these screenshots do make me want to play :) I started the download this morning and hopefully all is there when I get home. A bit of patching and I am good to go!

    Last night I downloaded and installed Ryzom. This morning I logged in for a second to see if it worked and to try to make a screenshot. I did manage to log in and run around, but not much luck on the screenshot yet. A bit of a mystery where the game had put them.

    My first impression of Ryzom is that it looks a bit outdated. But it is all free, so I'll run around some more and see. The only thing I can remember from my first visit is that the predators in the game were actually hunting and killing anything that moves. Which made the kill 10 rats opening quests a challenge. But I haven't walk far enough this time yet to see if that is still there.

  4. I started downloading Ryzom today.
    I also noticed that we'd gotten that invite on the 5th and that our 2 week free play started ticking then. My trial account expires the 17th. Then it's the two-thirds of a AAA subscription fee. It must really catch me before I'm willing to pay a third subscription fee just now. What with VG and LotRO bills.

    The LotRO characters aren't "all that" I agree. Note my comments on the two earlier attempts. They do grow on you after a while, and I do like the fact that they have EverQuest-II-alike facial animations (like shutting their eyes when you're taking a pic/screenshot)

    If you want to play with Shelaugh, go for a Runekeeper. Those are Nukers who build up something similar to a Brute's Rage and can heal in a pitch at the cost of that rage, which is called attunement. Healing has its own buildup. So it's a nuking class that can heal as well. Would be perfect next to my Warden. I got one myself at Level 10-ish so if your refusal to play healers persists (hey I set aside my anti-LotRO attitude) you can have a healing buddy :-)

  5. That interface shot looks shockingly similar to DDO. Didn't Turbine do that game too?


  6. They did, and it does.
    Once you get into the Character creation you'll notice that the same persons probably actually did the hairdo's, not something I'd wanted to see.

    Still, where DDO is so close yet so far from actual fun, LotRO is actually a pretty solid game so far. You do have to pick the human starting zone though. Running around Bree is a lot of fun. Lots of references to the official story of course. THe Elf/Dwarf starter area doesn't "speak" to me half as much. And I just love my Warden. THe animations are rock solid, down to the open mouth an flying spittle when she shouts/taunts :-) The Gambit system (read combo's) is nice too and I just love the Spear & Javelin concept. Oh and TWO social armor panels and fully dye-able outfits :-D

  7. Interesting quote:
    Chris Dyl: CD: D&D and LoTRO have the exact same codebase on the platform level because of our internal middleware. We ported the LoTRO DirectX 10 layer as a full working initial Dx10 directly into D&D, without changing it.