Friday, May 22

Dark days are coming

Lani's post yesterday on Funcom's financial report made me look a bit into the Secret World again. It had started off a few years back as some sort of mix between the world of Dreamfall, an internet story mystery, and a vague promise of an MMO. In those early days it was dubbed Cry Gaia. I read through the stories and clues that were mostly created by forum junkies, but it was highly intriguing. But somehow I lost track of it all.

Apparently the name Cry Gaia got lost. I liked the vagueness of promise it had, but I guess Funcom wants to give 'us' something more tangible. So now it is Secret World. A visit to the official website left me both excited and disappointed. The initial view still has that mystery feel to it. It doesn't look like it is going to be a standard MMO. So of course I went to watch the movie clip. It looks to die for. The setting is great, the atmosphere perfect, even the character looks like somebody I would love to visit any world with. But it ends with a bit of an FPS feel. It could really easily turn into some kind of multi player Resident Evil clone. Based on the what Cry Gaia was all about, and what even Funcom represents to me, that would be a major shift. So I have my hopes still high enough thinking that won't happen.

Although I don't want to read too much about games that are still a year and more away, I couldn't resist to google some more. And I found a lengthy preview on Eurogamer. So if you are interested enough have a read here. But definitely go watch the clip.


  1. Sorry fractured, I couldn't resist posting this. And I waited long enough for you to make one on this, I think :)

    PS. Does anybody have a handy guide or something about videocards?

  2. Yeah, I too would love to see a good Videocard guide. Something quick, dirty and basic :-)

    Not sure what you mean by the FPS element?
    Maybe we're not talking about the same video, but the end of the one I saw (girl coming home, blending a drink, meeting a friend) ends like the video intro to half a dozen Manga-esque arcade games. But maybe that's what you mean by FPS :-)

    I didn't know Cry Gaia got turned into Secret World. Or maybe I did. I seem to recall something like that. A name rights issue. I liked it then, but lost interest at some point and now my memories are vague :-)

  3. Curious about what you'll think of this upcoming MMO

  4. Oh, that looks brilliant! Great concepts. But I am a bit worried that beyond this article from October last year where is nothing. There is not even a fluff webpage. But I will keep my eyes open for it. And I have added a book to my book wishlist :)

  5. Ehm, make that books :-)
    Ohterland is a four part story.
    Going by the deterioration of the backs of these doorstops, parts 1,2 and 3 are awesome and I read part 4 just once.

    It'll be interesting to see what, if anything comes from it. Maybe I'll do a post about the books, the game and my fears and hopes for it. Might be better than hi-jacking your post :-)