Tuesday, May 26

Aion Sunday Screenshot Show off part dieux

Nobody snagged it so I thought i'd do another :)

Some rather nice detail on the back of a players armour, Aion does players and NPCs extremely well

I cant help but be reminded of WoW with this games use of bright colours and high fantasy setting, WoW failed at simple landscape textures big time while Aion pulls it off quite nicely, the textures on those mountain look much better in 3D, that waterfall is animated nicely too.

Went straying into areas I shouldn't, came across this player, in the hot desert background she fitted rather nicely. It's a shame you can't see it, theres a lovely animation effect in this desert, stand still and everything has a slight wavey effect like extreme heat produces, it's a very nice touch

Made a new friend, luckily for me he's an herbivore

After all that running about and killing stuff it's probably time to sit and read a book with a nice cup of cocoa. Loved the lighting in the Asmodian library and the textures are nothing short of brilliant in these interiors

As one 15 day trial ends another begins...This time I am getting to The Abyss, I was short of 2 lvls the last time.

Meet MsAnthropy - same class, different gender.

End of day one at lvl 12, she's a fast learner.


  1. Grr, your screenshots make me just more confused about my view of Aion. Some of them are so stunningly beautiful. I even made the picture of the library my desktop wallpaper. But the crazy outfit of the lady in the desert makes me run away screaming. But keep posting these screenies! I love seeing more.

  2. Oh Phe, that is so close to how that 10 Day trial to the Chinese version of the game makes me feel.
    I keep being attracted and repelled at the same time. When your not lagging combat, is nicely fast paced yet feels naggingly much like L2's macro bonanza. I like a lot of the critters as they remind me of Morrowind's fauna. (Still hoping Bethesda is doing the smart thing for once and make Morrowind Online that secret MMO porject of theirs) The flora I've seen on the other hand is by and large to cartoonish, and I hope no-one shows you the armor sets the default class avatars wear in Character Creation... Maybe a lot of that will be changed with a westernized version. As it is now there's a big sense of dissonance for me, especially when some manga-esque weird armor clad avatar stands in front of a library wall like that. While I can appreciate a lot of the individual elements to Aion, I'm finding the whole to be compelling/repelling all at once.

  3. On an unrelated note but a reason why Phe would probably run away in horror after reaching lvl 20....

    After taking the crazy armour desert screen a rift opened very close by and a lone elyos wandered through, either an act of sheer stupidity or one of wreckless adventure the poor soul was heavily ganked by the nearby questing asmodians.

    While I quite like the excitement of this random PvP aspect from lvl 20 up I suspect Phe (not being a natural killer) would not enjoy it as usually it's a question of gank or be ganked depending on location/population.

    I was able to be in an area when a group was forming to fend off the nearby group of elyos at another rift, numbers about equal it was a fun fight. Small scale group PvP I can quite enjoy, one on one and large scale doesnt appeal at all.

  4. Just to let you know another region has opened in the Chinese RC along with another free 15 days if anyone else wants to try it out

  5. Added a new pic of my new toon, wings are lovely.