Saturday, November 26

Skyrim review: No time

Geeky asked me if I could review Skyrim for here...

I can, I will...

Just not now, too busy playing the game still :-)

It's very, very good. Imagine Age of Conan without Conan, annoying community, grinding but with the whole world one overland map :-)

Here's a slideshow of some screenshots I've made:

The stills don't do the lush countryside justice though.

Yes the Interface is awful. It's bad enough to win a Darwin award when used on a console if you ask me, and the PC version's worse. Also if you're playing the PC version you *NEED* the following MOD that makes Skyrim Large Address Aware (using more than 2 GB of memory). For some reason Bethesda actually released a single patch to the PC game so far which disabled modifying its exe file so it's Large Address Aware. Weird stuff.
Without it the game's very prone to crashing due to a memory leak or two. With LAA it's still there but anyone with more than 2GB of memory (so both 32 bits and 64 bits OSes benefit from this) generally doesn't crash anymore.

Tuesday, November 1

Isn't it Ironic?

That just a week after I pick up my old habit of sharing items I read through Google Reader, Google launches a new an improved (read: stripped of whatever lay-out embellishments it used to have and replace everything with road-sign style buttons) version of Reader which is better integrated with the newfangled Google+ (which as far as I can tell is Google's 5th attempt at doing social network platform thingies?).

The downside to this is that classic sharing appears to have been disabled now.
If I click the new "Share/bookmark" link I get about 30 or 40 sharing options for various likes, digs, probes, pokes and whatnots. By the looks of it I can share an item I like with everything except my old sharing option of creating a Google Reader newsfeed of Interesting Items.

With luck I'll figure out how to keep doing this sometime tonight, the Lani's Interested Item feed still exists, just need to figure out how to (easily) add new items to it.