Monday, February 28

Random Rift Questions

The last post had enough comments so I thought it was time for a new post. A rather boring post since in all excitement I have forgotten to make any screenshots. So it will just be text.

Yesterday (and this morning) I didn't get to play too much. In fact the only thing I managed to do is entering Meridian and trying to figure out what is what in this rather large compound.

After going round three times I finally found the artisan area. I turned all my yew branches into yew planks and then dropped foraging for armorcrafting. I found the quartermaster as well there, and got my first crafting quest. I had to make two boots and deliver them to King's Retreat.

But before I went there I managed to do two more things in Meredian. In the center courtyard I found the soulportal, and bound myself to that place. But I have no idea how that works. I didn't see any recall spell. How can I (if at all possible) zap back to Meridian?

I also traversed the tower of the faceless man. I picked up a big pile of books that I now have somehow permanently on me. Did the defiant invented a Kindle as well?
I also found the two artifacts that completed my first collection. I handed my collection to the artifacts lady and got some xp/coin reward plus an icon that said 'lucky coin'. But after I closed the NPC chat window I couldn't find that lucky coin anywhere. Neither could I find the now completed collection either. Where did they disappear to?

There are about a dozen of quests in Meridian I could pick up. I haven't taken any yet. Did you grab them all while you were there, or should I do them one by one? Is there actually a maximum number of open quests? I saw also two other types of floating icons. One was a white and red icon. They show up on the minimap too. Probably I should just talk to them to find out what they are about, huh? There were also some with grey tick bubbles. I think those are for quests I am almost down with? But I don't really have anything outstanding...

I left everybody in alone for now and ran off to King's Retreat. And there I found the second armorsmith trainer I had missed originally in Kerali Outpost. He was so kind to give me some quests too for more boots and some leather. That went all pretty easy. After that I decided to run back to Meridian for a fresh daily quest. On the way back to Meridian I found another NPC with a grey tick bubble. He was not very chatty but mentioned something about Iron Gate Dungeon. Does grey mean I am too low level maybe?

So back in Meridian I couldn't get a new daily from the quartermaster. What is the time frame for them? 24 hours after you took on the order, or just the next day from when you handed the last order in?

Thanks to my run to King's Retreat and back I got 3 crafting coins (or whatever they are called). The money was just burning in my pocket so I went to talk to the recipe dude. He had to 1 coin recipes I decided to buy right away! Was that a smart move or a waste of coin? Is there a different way to get those recipes? And should I wait till tomorrow to craft anything, or should I just crank out some silly boots to up my skills further?

With all those questions as hand I just stood around a bit lost and decided I better log off and go to work so I have some time to type this up :)

Monday, February 21

Bored of beta shots yet?

Scarlet Gorge

Warm ups for rifting

Somewhere up there be a dungeon

Just before a spider pwned us

Water Rift

Death Rift

Life Rift

My what a big gun you have...

Moonshade Highlands, this place has environmental changes every ten minutes it seems, it's bright, then it's cloudy, then it's foggy. This is a brighter moment.

Abandoned tents in Scarwood Reach

Sums up how Stonefield felt to me

George got a little burned, poor lad.

Crafting district at Meridian, I spent a lot of time there.

The happy family: Vailare, George and John

Sunday, February 20

Rift vistas

For your enjoyment or belittlement, some vista's of the places my newest toon Tuanne, a Telari rogue, visited levelling to 30 (32) during the Open Beta:

Tuanne, Vailare and George in Meridian

Approach of the Titan's prison in the Last Valley

Gazing into Scarlet Gorge

A lovely view of Scarwood Reach
Very near an ancient caern too ;-)

Tuanne at Level 30
(finally wearing a cap that doesn't suck)

Tuanne's Roles which no-one finds interesting but me :-)

Bard (very self sufficient)

(Good AoE build for Rifts)

My 'so-so' Tank build

Saturday, February 19

Once Human

Official 'announcement' trailer for a game called Dead Island. Brave move using a child as the main character. Reminds us that all zombies once had a life lived and loved, found it quite poignant and moving. I doubt very much the game will conjure up such emotions but the trailer is worth a watch as a short piece of movie making that succeeds on it's own, it's pretty gruesome too. So just remember the next time you slash your way through a crowd of zombies (I know Camden on the weekend feels like that...) that face once had a life.

Chronological version: