Friday, May 1

Me me me, meme 2: A Fractured Affair

First MMO Played?
The 4th Coming - kinda like Diablo, kinda like UO, in any case, there were people online all playing in the same world at once (Methinks it was before the term "MMO" existed). Getting ganked by a player 5 million levels over you used to be part of daily life. *sigh* the good ol' days...

First Character Class/Role Played?
Yes. I dunno. Warrior?

First MMO Subscribed For More Than A Consecutive Year?
This is still on my To Do list.

First MMO You Fell In Love With?
Lineage 2

First Guild You Really Felt Attached To?
Gameamp Guides (is that the one in Guild Wars?) - I still have screenshots of that guild day we had somewhere around here...

First Character/Game You Leveled To End Cap?
Guild Wars doesn't count. Level 20...psh... WoW to level 60 (less than 24 hours before they raised the cap to 70 in Burning Crusade) and then to 70.

First “Wow” Moment In A MMO?
Probably the environments, detail, and "polishedness" (new word FTW) in Lineage 2.

First MMO You Burned Out On?
Guild Wars. Ugh...level 20 again? You know it's time to move on when you know every remote corner of the map as if you've lived there for all your life.

First MMO You Followed Avidly Prior To Launch?
Vanguard, no The Chronicles of Vanguard, no... uh..
In any case, I was in the beta for both of the same time... :)

First Time You Felt Truly Noobish In A MMO?
That time they called me a noob and and I didn't know what they were talking about.

First MMO You Went Alt-Crazy In?
City of Heroes. Wait, what? Why is the word crazy next to alt? I'm not crazy. I don't have a problem with altitis! I represent...err...resent, yeah, that's it...I resent that!

Now you!

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  1. That time they called me a noob and and I didn't know what they were talking about.

    Gods! Ofcourse!
    I still remember asking "What's a Noob?" in Lion's Arch General chat in Guild Wars.
    (Lion's Gate is one of the game's main social hubs)