Monday, May 18

England is part of Europe again!

Well, at least as far as The Chronicles of Spellborn is concerned. Originally the UK got a very weird short stick when Acclaim decided they wanted to be the publisher of TCOS in the UK for some reason. While the rest of Europe got full access to the Enclave via Frogster, the UK players could only hope for a beta spot via Acclaim's strange delayed release. But apparently with the latest patch (dubbed a bunch of server changes are made. Here is the official email I got.

Upcoming Server changes

As The Chronicles of Spellborn is now available nearly worldwide and so in many more countries in Europe we decided to change the server structure of the game. Due to that fact all characters from German and French servers will be moved onto the International servers that are bigger to provide common servers for all European players. After the migration, existing Spellborn players from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia and Benelux can play together alongside the newly-arrived players from Great Britain, Spain, Italy, and other European countries who have come to the Spellborn worlds through the Acclaim release. This will allow international player communities and guilds to interact on common Spellborn servers in the future. In making this move, the developer and publisher follow the long-standing wish of the international community.

The current plan is that both the German and French PvP servers will be merged with the International server on Monday, the 18th of May 2009 and the German and French PvE servers on the next day, Tuesday, the 19th of May 2009.

A detailed FAQ about the server changes can be found here.

I have no idea if this means I can now buy/play the game via Frogster, or if I still need to go to Acclaim, or even if this means Acclaim and Frogster players are all on the same server. I don't even know if I care. But the game still has a little soft spot for me, so the least I could do was posting this.


  1. This is Spellborn NV speak for Server Merge. I think I can even name the person who wrote it.
    WHat it means is there's not enough of a playerbase in Europe to maintain German & French localized servers. The same goes for Acclaim's UK only servers.

    Net result, you'll still have to go through Acclaim's account system to get an account, use a Europe based PhProxy or some such (I can provide one if needed). But your UK/Acclaim account will direct you to one of the remaining European International servers.

  2. That's how I read it too. But it does mean in this case that if we would really want to we could all play together. Although Spellborn was never going to be the next big thing, their complete stupid release plan made it even worse. And now they have to do a server merge already before it got even properly worldwide released. I do still wish them the best.

  3. If by "all" you mean Brits and mainlkanders, then aye.
    US citizens and Asians are still 'stuck' on their respective local servers.

  4. Weird. I went on a quest to find out what servers are now really going to be out there. Of course that info is not so easy to find. According to this article there are only two US_plus_parts_of_europe servers, Dorzhan and Deiquonril (PVP). According to the server FAQ the EU servers get merged into Deiquonril and Dravhare. Thus it looks like all PvPers of the world are on one server while there seems to be two PvE servers. Not clear how existing UK players move over, or how they can split existing US+UK guilds. I guess I am just looking into things I shouldn't really care about. But they really do it all very messy. They are clearly missing a good CS manager.

  5. My only experience of Spellborn was getting into the last 45 minutes of beta, not enough time to get any feel for the game, I am therefore still intrigued by it.

    The launch was messy as hell and that poor publishing deal did alot to raise hell on their forums from the many that had guilds with members across the EU and UK waiting to join.

    WTH was the deal with Acclaims delays too ? Still I would like to give this game a better look and I am at least now prepared to do so knowing I can play with my EU buddies.

    Do not be tempted to read anything on the acclaim forums, it will do more to put you off, I visited briefly after recieving this email and vowed never to go back.