Friday, May 1

Me me me, meme

Spotted at A Ding World

First MMO Played?
Anarchy Online

First Character Class/Role Played?

First MMO Subscribed For More Than A Consecutive Year?
Anarchy Online, which was by mistake actually. I didn't notice the $5,- a month I was paying after I quit playing :-(

First MMO You Fell In Love With?
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. I now understand why women sometimes stay with abusive husbands.

First Guild You Really Felt Attached To?
Gameamp Guides. It's hard not to feel attached to a Guild once you founded it.

First Character/Game You Leveled To End Cap?
Guild Wars. Don't think I ever reached Level Cap in any of the other MMO's I played.

First “Wow” Moment In A MMO?
Dunno. The biggest was first time flying on a Griffin in Vanguard.

First MMO You Burned Out On?
Guild Wars. But that wasn't really a Burn Out, more of a moving on thing. Vanguard is the first MMO i really felt a need to get away from.

First MMO You Followed Avidly Prior To Launch?
None really. I spent time tracking Age of Conan and Warhammer Online in a futile attempt to blow some life back into Gameamp. Other than that i tend to 'keep an eye' on up and comming MMO's. Never been one for avidly setting my self up for disappointment.

First Time You Felt Truly Noobish In A MMO?
This happens too many times a day for me to remember the first time :-)

First MMO You Went Alt-Crazy In?
Guild Wars! No, City of Heroes. Wait I went a bit crazy in Anarchy Online too. I probably was Alt-Crazy prior to playing MMO's.

Now you!

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