Saturday, May 9

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Trying something new.
A quick summary overview of the more interesting blogs I read (and probably shared) over the week.

Well, my prediction that a US/Western Beta of Huxley would come after Duke Nukem Forever was finished has come true, though not quite in the spirit I meant it :-)
In the same week that Shacknews reports the closure of 3DRealms and the cancellation of Duke Nukem Forever, Rock paper Shotgun (who incidentally might be the last people in the western hemisphere still periodically checking the Huxley site) report that a Beta application has appeared on the US Huxley site. The page isn't loading properly for me at work so, let me know if you can confirm and if you got in.

For your weekly drama fix, check out the Darkfall / Eurogamer scandal about which everybody has something to say. (yes, every word links to a different blog entry)

However, do not try the third Fallout 3 DLC even though it is the only one worth its cost so far. At least don't try it on the PC just yet. the download is broken. Luckily if you already bought it, you'll be able to get it at some point in the future, eventually.

Something which, besides me, only Apoletta is likely to get excited about: The planned HBO pilot for a "A Game of Thrones" (longer than mini) series is becoming increasingly more solid. Even though George R R Martin isn't my favorite Fantasy Author, I'm pleased it's not R.A.Salvatore's Drizz't stuff getting the TV treatment. HBO did a semi-decent job with Rome (as a History nut I can't be pleased fully) so there's hope they do so again with this one.

If the continuing Darkfall fiasco isn't enough drama for you, Richard Garriott was forced out of NC Soft, not the International Spacestation which is where he spent crucial time for his latest flopped Tabula Rasa, and now he's suing.

In closing, check out the column to the right of this post for the new segment called "Active Conversations", which shows the 5 latest comments so you can more easily find which topics generate comments and follow ups, and hopefully join in yourself!

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