Sunday, May 10

Dragonage bloodier than Conan's Age?

Just watch this trailer (ignore the soundtrack, it's been Tubified):

That looks distinctly bloody.
Ok, no blood spattering the 'camera' but otherwise it looks like they certainly got some inspiration from Funcom.

It's a bit weird though. This isn't exactly saying "spiritual successor to baldur's Gate" anymore.
Is this the legacy of the shift of focus from a PC only to a PC-then-Console to a PC and Console simultaneous release?
I'm still looking forward to this game. Trying very hard not to get my hopes up to a level where disappointment is inevitable. So hoping it'll be more diverse than everything that came after Neverwinter Nights. From Knights of the Old Republic on to Mass Effect, everything Bioware's been a rather repetitive and somewhat naieve Light / Dark side, Open Palm / Closed Fist or Paragon / Renegade mish mash. Dragonage promises a return to a bit more nitty gritty, more variable morality. This trailer however seems to be aimed straight at testosterone crazed 14-year old Console violence fans who 'need' to be Bad Ass in every game.


  1. Good thing, this Eurogamer interview alleviates some of my worries.

  2. Yeah, that clip is a turn off. I guess I'll stick to my wait-and-see mode. I won't get too excited about any game anymore, but try them all out anyway.

  3. The linked article gives me hope that they've actually made a 'mature game' as i would like to see it rather than the 'mature as a 14-year old understands it' that shines forth from the video.
    Mayhap they told marketing to make a video depicting the mature nature of the game without including any spoilers and marketing being marketing went for the cheapest solution they could come up with during their expensive out of office lunches.