Sunday, May 17

(un)Surprising Sunday Screenshot Show off

Lani made some subtle comment about me posting some Aion screenshots so here ya go fresh from the Chinese retail client, I'm 2 days in to a 2nd 15 day trial, expect a very long (6 A4 atm) review and more screens come the end of it :) As you can see Aion is very much High Fantasy..

Aion is RvR, my first 15 days spent on the Elyos side:

Evil Geek in his first incarnation

A handsome devil enjoying the View of the Elyos capital (Sanctum)

Sanctum from a distance

EG had pets (of course!) failing the undead this Fire Spirit gave as good as it got
One of many very nicely done NPC's throughout the game, this kind lady healed your soul for a price..dunno who that pink haired player was who snuck into the shot

For the start of the 2nd 15 days it's time to move over to the Asmodian side

EvilGeek in his Asmodian incarnation, those black wings and sideburns are the biz! (gets through socks like they are going out of fashion ..)

Asmodian newby area, colourful lake teaming with wildlife
Asmodian capital - Pandaemonium
Chillin in a lush interior

After a busy day crafting potions (maybe those workstations gave it away?)
That bird has me in its talons, don't worry it's just transport


  1. Huh, huh, he called me subtle :-)

    Looking very nice Geek.
    I still keep hearing this little voice in my head saying "Lineage III" with every screenie.
    No surprise really. THe L3 project got cancelled when the source code got stolen and the L3 team went onto a different unnamed MMO project. I strongly suspect that MMO now bears the name Aion.

  2. These reincarnations of EG really look like the way I envision him. In that sense this game must be perfect for you. The sideburns are a lovely touch.

    And overall the screenshots look stunning. Great art work. But they also have a very Korean grindfest feel. At least this how it feels to me. I am really looking forward to your review. These lovely pictures have not warmed me up for this game just yet.