Thursday, May 21

Funcom Quarterly FInancial Report

Funcom have released their Q1 report, which you can read here.
It's interesting to note that they appear to have a financial year that coincides with the regular calendar. I.e. Q1 means December 31 2008 - March 31 2009.
Anyone really interested in things like this can read the full version.
If not, here are the highlights as I see them.

This slide above shows Quarterly Revenues. Q2 was the time of Age of Conan's Launch, Q3 was when everyone was leaving the game in droves. With Q4 and Q1/09 the slow road to recovery.
So why is the huge peak of revenues in Q3 then? Credit Card transaction delay dropping the majority of box sales into Q3? Dunno.

The project focus for Age of Conan seems to be pretty much what they've been saying for a while now. Didn't know the class overhaul was an RPG system. But hey, I use the old skool definition of RPG where the "R" has a meaning. We also see some disparity between Dev/Corp perception of this update and the playerbase which, according to what I gathered from Evil Geek is awaiting the change with trepidation rather than anticipation.

Long term project planning. It's good to see Funcom still dares to do so.
In the PDF itself you can see some preliminary work on their Free2Play initiatives. The world apparently needs more casual web based MMO's to be included in Facebook and such.
Oh well, these things appear to be the dotcom bubble all over again. No-one makes money off of them, but you get lots of venture capital for them.

The Secret World seems to be an actual project now. After years of announcements they are now in their first iteration of combat and mission systems. Personally I wish they'd drop this and apply the team to Longest Journey #3 instead. I don't want to wait another 10 years for the final of that trilogy.

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  1. Although I would love to see the final part of the Longest Journey, I am actually more excited about the Secret World. But it is still too far out to get too warmed up at all. I am glad to see they still make quite some revenue.