Friday, May 15

Free Fickle Friday Freenshots

Because I wanted to add some self-made screenies of Ryzom, I'm putting this post forward a few days.

Maybe Geek'll do an Aion themed SSS to compensate.

*hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge*

For those interested, the lay down on how to make skills of your own.

I was surprised by how lush the environment is, and how well the graphics withstood time.

Important Foraging lessons

Finally a trainer who understands me :-)

Back to vanguard for more screenies.

I know, I know. These are merely Level 13 mounts, nothing to write home about.
The lighting's nice though :-)

Hop aboard!

We have liftoff!

More LotRO Warden awesomeness

LotRO Sunsets are nice, only odd how the sun seems to go down in every angle of the compass, at the same time.

The water is awesome. Not AoC Awesome, but with double the FPS.
Best viewed in game though. Stills don't do it justice.

Damn! TIme to log and go to work...

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