Friday, May 29

I am keeping up with the world

It is a shame that Terre D'Ange was not in the list of countries.


  1. Ha ha ha ha.

    You forgot your middlename / suffix though :-)

    Ah!!!! 5 days no Internet. :-(
    Luckily the shaking has subsided somewhat :-)

  2. Good point. Fixed that. At least on the real page. I am not going to edit the image here :)

    What happened to your internet connection? A fried motherboard should not cause that, should it? But good to see you are back online now. Just in time to go back to work *grin*

  3. He he, my mobo has been replaced and is now purring like a kitten.

    What happened was I'd not been paying my cable corp (who does my tv/telecom & Internet)for two months, I had been sending them money in stead.
    I'd switched banks and despite this not being a problem, it was. So while they'd been quietly receiving my money, they'd also been annoyed about me not paying them at the same time.

    In fact I've actually overpaid them as I gave them some more money when they sent a reminder for the first month. Anyway, after 2 months of "no payment" they turned off my Internet, incoming telephone calls and digital tv.
    I was stuck with being called by mom daily and the old analogue tv, which they could also turn off but apparently is too much bother unless you cancel the sub. All this happened Thursday afternoon and I didn't get it cleared up before FRiday afternoon. Reactivating takes a "workday" which wasn't Friday afternoon anymore as it was sunny outside, Pentacost Monday is also out for any flipping of a few switches so today finally they reinstated my services.

  4. I feel your pain Lani, funnily enough on a thursday but the week before I managed to break my motherboard after installing a new GFX card, result was completely borked machine followed by associated time and expense of a new build, 3 days offline, I was slightly stressed, had to undergo an ECG while running a treadmill on the friday, my heart was much happier after I ran the stress off :)

    Phe I was a bit confused by this post, who, what, where, when and why ? all questions that spring to mind. I followed a search to a forum but left none the wiser beyond reading some kind of high brow literary musings by some RPers of this persons work, so who is the real Phe and how does this page relate? :)

  5. It might have helped more to use Wikipedia rather than Google on this one. Then again, knowing a bit about Phèdre's illustruous history helps me to know where to start :-)

    P.s. Funny thing. It was a rare use of a Gfx card in a certain slot that slew my mobo as well.

  6. Phedre Delaunay (or official Comptesse Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève) is the main character from the books by Jacqueline Carey. It is set in an alternate world pretty close to 18th century Europe. She lives in Terre D'Ange, which is France in our world. I won't go into all the differences and similarities. But the books depict a really detailed and interesting world. The stuff RPers would die for.

    I had just finished the first book when I started playing City of Heroes, and I was so impressed by the book and Phedre as a character that I brought her to life in Paragon City.

    And then I started to visit GameAmp, and slowly by slowly it is getting a bit fuzzy which Phedre is the character in those books and which Phedre is my real alter-ego. So to break down those lines even futher I created a link-in page for Phedre based on my date of birth.