Sunday, May 3

Sunday Screenshot Showoff, on Sunday even

Drakensang: He has another name, but I call him Mr Tanky.

Drakensang: We have to cross what???

Drakensang: As corny as that armor looks, you're all but obligated to wear it.
Even as a caster. That was the point where Drakensang started to loose some of its appeal.

Septerra Core installed and working.
I spent 2 hours getting it isntalled on my old pc because my Kaspersky AV was placing a 'click me' window outside the single desktop. Normally I dual head, and Kaspersky doesn't take into account that you might go from 2 to 1 desktops. Not a biggy to fix, it just takes a while and a lot of frustration before you realize what's going on.

LotRO: Soothing atmosphere outside Tom Bombabill's home.
Very well done.

LotRO: Look! I have freckles.

LotRO: Hmmmm, maybe I should look into acquiring a mount?


  1. I'll be writing a review of Aion, its currently on trial until 15th may on two Chinese servers, if you want the info just ask :)

  2. Oooooh! nice screenies of Aion, Geek! I am looking forward to hear what you think of the game play.

    Oh, and your screenies are bad either, Lani :)

  3. Aion - Theres a 9th set of servers opening on the 15th and guess what- opens with 15 days free! I'll be taking that opportunity to explore the Asmodian side of the game, almost at the end of the 15 days on the Elyos side, still waiting for lani to turn up :)

  4. Sorry, I never got that English pack from that server it was on.

    And now I'm to morose because Phè said that my screenies are bad :-(

    So you'll just have to surpass yourself and write an even better review of Aion than you did of FreeRealms, with lots of screenies, as mine are bad. }:-)

  5. Hahaha! I am such an idiot. Good thing I know Lani is an expert in reading typo. But that should of course not stop Geek from surpassing himself and write great review with lots of pretty pictures.

  6. Expert at reading typo?
    Hell and Brimstone! I can WRITE the stuff too.
    Everytime I try to type necessarily for instance.
    Or to for that matter too :-)
    Lani: incomprehensible in three languages, two of which i can actually speak as well.

  7. Well if I can hold off writing it until after the next 15 days as Asmodian expect a very looong rambling review, with lots and lots of pictures. Next time I should make it into the Abyss (lvl 25) which is were the dungeons and RvR action takes place, I've already had the misfortune of being ganked while questing, how I'll cope with the RvR remains to be seen...

  8. You had your first ganking?
    *snif* Phè, our little boy's growing up.
    You just gank 'em right back junior!