Sunday, March 29

Sunday Screenshot Showoff

Let's try something new.

The other day I briefly saw that someone, presumably EG, had added a second Slideshow widget, which pointed to Geek's Picasa album. Shortly after it was gone again, but I'd been quick enough to add him to my favorites. Puh! :-)
I guess he felt the double widget took up too much space, which it did a bit. One longer term intention of mine is to see if I can rip the Widget's HTML code, modify it and insert it as a self-made Widget that allows for more than one Slideshow without all the extraneous space used.
But for now, let's do this:

Sunday Screenshot Showoff

What is that?
It's simple, every Sunday one of us Nomads starts a topic titled Sunday Screenshot Showoff and everyone can add to it. The Nomads can simply edit the post to add stuff and any visitors/lurkers willing to share can link to a screenie in the responses. Which one of the Nomads can then add to the main post.

I'll do this week's kickoff:

Sunset over New Targonor:

Coilla had to descend the cliff face as part of the Shadowhound Quest

Bring on the Mojo!

Suhaya praying for divine intervention on the Isle of Dawn.

Metropolis Now!
Port Aughos. Player housing island next to Martok in the Kojani archipelago.

Sajeera still lives there.
The house plot next to her house is purchasable for 10 Gold and 60 Silver weekly upkeep.
Of course it would be way cooler to have a shared gallery somewhere with a plugin for this site showing the five most recent additions, as done by a certain site most of used to visit, but that doesn't seem to be a possibility at the moment I'm afraid.


  1. I added a different kind of album thingy. Two actually.
    let me know what you think.

    Also would a communal yammob gallery at picasa be of interest to people?

  2. Love the new screenshot plug in, great way to show them off, I think an ad hoc when you feel like it show off thread is always good :-) I doubt I have the discipline to stick to my slot on a rotating sunday.

    Love the sunset picture and Port Aughos is very cool.

  3. *Hrmpf!*

    And here I went through all the trouble of coming up with a snazzy "3 esses" title...

    Well okay then. Random showoff threads are allowed, but only if they're Sexy Screenshot Showoff threads :-)

  4. I'm pretty happy with the plugin myself. It's a shame I can't do anything about both the inner and outer padding of 10px each. I.e. the plugin pads itself internally with 10 px, which I can't edit, and the blog template pads each widget with 10px as well. Something I can't edit on a per-widget basis.