Thursday, March 26

DX10 finally makes it into AoC

Yes it was advertised pre-launch, yes it's just eye candy and 9 mths later it finally makes it onto the live client, still in a test state rolled out to get as much feedback on compatibility with as many systems as possible.

Having seen the last DX10 update on the test server I feared the worst for this one but surprisingly most are happy (well most with Nvidia cards anyway) and FC have made it very clear this is early days, they've made a good job of gathering feedback on the forums and what does it look like? well see for yourself, click on any image for the full version.

There are loads of screenshots appearing, as I'm not running any DX10 myself I can't provide any before and after.

I've got to add this one because whoever took it didn't tone down their 'godrays' in DX10 which means horrible brightness in game but ended with a lovely screen with an almost water colour look with the landscape, very nice .

What is lovely, and I need to wait for the videos to start appearing on youtube, is the physics of the grass, it sways around you as you would expect foliage too when your walking through it.


  1. Those look very nice, they do.
    Are there any comparison screenshots available?
    Like with left-side DX9 right side DX10, like they sometimes have for Analog / HDTV?
    I mean, not to be nitpicking or anything but...
    I don't really see the difference between these screens and what I see with DX9 on my 8800GTS card.
    I'm willing to entertain the notion it's like CoX screenshots whcih loose much of the greatness of the engine by being stills. CoX has amazing animations and particle Effects, but on a still the engine looks more dated than it is.

    but I'm happy for you that you have new and more shinies too look at in AoC :-)

  2. Now, go finish and Publish that post on crafting!

  3. I don't have new and shiny DX10 goodness to play in, my card just can't handle it, 4 or 5 fps is not playable no matter how pretty, it is definately time to upgrade!

  4. Those screenshots looking beautiful. But then again, AOC was already the most beautiful looking game around. It is still great they are adding in DX10, since it means they are still serious and trying to keep promises. But to get more players I think they better work on content, armor options, and certain game designs. Making one already big plus even bigger doesn't help much.

  5. I agree with you Phe', more eye candy really isn't needed when at medium settings in DX9 it's still the best looking MMO around. You will be surprised how many people find DX10 important, I certainly was...

    Patch 1.5 is going to address itemisation and introduce the concept of factions with the addition of the Commons District, holding out alot of hope for that one.

  6. DX 10 is mainly important to a lot of people who bought a Vista machine for it and seek justification for the cost now that they learn that DX10 mostly is a rewrite of DX concepts without adding a whole lot at this time. :-)

    But I can understand why Funcom does this. It's like Vanguard with its Unicorn and Shadowhound.
    Sigil absolutely had to put those in anyway they could. It was a Selling Point featured on the box. Another argument for Digital Distribution right there. There's these pesky consumer rights organizations who like to bug you about false advertisement and such. So it was imperative to get DX10 in asap. Which in MMO land means 9 months later.