Friday, March 13

Checking out Coilla

So I again went against the wisdom of Phedrè and started up a game with Coilla, my hyperactive kleptomanic from Martok who married a people tossing Ogre...

Dang! I'd forgotten how many Reactions a Rogue has. That row of 6 isn't even all she'd eventually get. And all those black boxes with white text are her pickpocketing macro's.
Boy were those fun to use :-)
The purple, yellow and blue orbs are grenado's she can toss. Half the attacks only work if used from stealth or from behind your foe (something you could accomplish with a Reaction)
Rogue class was pretty complicated.

It looks like Vanguard's putting the sexy back in struck Coilla's belted armor as well.
I like this look for her, but the Gultheror kit she also has looks even better. Not sure why I didn't screenshot that. This 'skin' also had a darker version she wore in her teens. That already looked pretty awesome, so I'm kinda hoping they didn't give that the belly-button treatment. I also wish she still had it so I could put it on her Social armor tab.

Khal also got sexied up apparently. There's loads of brightly colored yards of cloth hanging around now, as well as potted plants 'n stuff that weren't there before I believe. The city's still a resource drain though.
Here's an oldie showing both the dark belted armor and Coilla's hubby:

God, I loved that little rascal :-D

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