Friday, March 13

Hooray! or Oh noes!

I love the auto screenshot and blogging.
But it looks like somebody is about to get clobbered.
(the picture is clickable.)


  1. AhAh!
    The Alt Bug has struck again I see :-)
    I have to use Phproxy to view the picture though as my corporation seems to think VGplayers is a Bad Site...

    That reminds me, if you ever get a weird password request on loading a post of mine with an image in it or following a link in a post of mine, it's because I was using said Phproxy and forgot to decrypt the URL before adding it to the Blog. Just send me a snarky little e-mail about it :-)

  2. Wait a sec...
    That's Nahkti!
    He's made it beyond the first 30 seconds! Nahhhhhktiiiii!!!! :-D

  3. lol yup I did a bit more searching around to discover that my sound card and Vanguard don't get on so I disabled that and reverted to my mobos audio and I downloaded the client again as I recall the initial download getting interrupted. Both those steps seem to get the game to work properly and I played pretty much glitch free for an hour yesterday :)

  4. Doh!

    I actually should know that several XiFi cards have issues under Vista. A lot gets blamed on Vista, especially by the VG team.