Tuesday, March 31

Bioware GDC teaser


Because they decided to postpone the PC launch until they're done on the 360 one, we'll have to wait till Fall 2009.
*grumble* stupid 360 version *grumble*
Oh wait, I'd decided to get the 360 version first now that the launch'll be simultaneously.

More video's and information here


  1. I look at this and think "another fantasy game". meh.

  2. Well, I happen to like well done, story rich, Fantasy games. Not everything has to be a soulless sandboxed sci-fi/post-apocalyptic/urban fantasy game. Besides, you haven't tried Mass Effect yet either. :-P

  3. That was my Ron imitation. I will definitely be playing Dragon Age. Maybe I will even manage to install and finish Mass Effect before that. I keep postponing that for no good reason. Well, visiting Rubi-Ka, Hyboria and Telon with you is actually a pretty compelling reason, but who is counting?