Thursday, March 12

The joy of exploring

Yesterdsay Twanni and Taqe were running around doing the chores of the various characters on the Isle of Dawn. We ran into some tough Ulvari but managed to survive. As we went with the flow we eventually got to talk to some guard that wanted to us to scout the area. Busy as we were killing the Ulvari we both went "yeah, yeah, we'll do it. Just tell us where to go." And off we went.

When we reached about half way to the first marker we bumped into a rather high and steep hill. We figured there must be a path somewhere, so we turned left to find it. As we actually got further and further from the marker we ran into several camps filled with bad guys. At one point we even found an extra huge hobgoblin in fancy armor. We couldn't resist but to poke him a bit. An epic fight broke out with several of him buddies come to help him. But we managed to survive with only a few scratches, and we got some snazzy loot.

A little bit further down the foot of the hills we finally found some sort of path going up. A rather tricky climb along the peaks we managed to almost reach our first marker. But only almost. A double high hill was still blocking us. We had clearly taken the path. So we backtraced to the beginning and tried to tackle it from the right side (as in opposite of left, not opposite of wrong). But it became clear pretty quick that this was not going to work either. We had some fun playing with submissive imps, but the marker remained unattainable.

So finally I decided to check what that guard had really told us. As it turned out he had told us to go rent a pegasus and fly to the markers! We struggled in the foothills for nothing. Well, actually not for nothing at all. Since I doubt we have had half a much fun if we would have listened to him in the first place.

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  1. Well, if we'd listened to that guard we would have been flying Pegasi during that time. Something tells me that would have been a pretty fun time too :-)

    Then again, we spent 20 minutes looking for a way up and getting embroiled in some fights in the process. The Pegasi flight only lasts 10 minutes as I recall. A bit artificial, but a great teaser to compel you to go on that grind for a flying mount :-)
    We'll need those beasties to get into the temple proper as well.