Friday, March 6

The Path

On March 18 we can become 'roodkapje' in six flavours. A couple of Belgian story tellers have turned the story of Little Red Ridinghood into a short horror game called The Path. For the sake of promoting small independant game developers alone it is worth trying it out. But it actually looks beautiful and fun as well.


  1. it does look very beautiful, look forward to checking it out.

  2. Pale, undernourished teen girls lost in the woods.
    Definitely art nouveau goodness :-)

    Give us a heads up around launch time, I'll be sure to take a second look.

  3. I've been to busy with various exploits in Telon to get it myself, but the game's on Steam and it’s £7.25 on the UK Steam, $10 in the US, and 7,90€ in Europe!

    There's also a Rock, Paper, Shotgun review here!

  4. I bought and downloaded it Thursday morning before work. And instantly started playing a bit. It is all very surreal and dreamy. It made me get to work an hour and a half late. I haven't had a change to play it more yet.

  5. TBH, you had me thinking DST starts a week earlier in the UK :-)

    I'll see about getting it tomorrow night or Monday and give it a spin.

    P.s. is your Yahoo off by intention or is something blocking it from your, or my, end? You've been gone since Thursday before last.

  6. That day the harddisk of my laptop mysteriously died. So I have been working since from my linux system that has no IM installed. The IT dept. managed to get some data off it and is sending me a new disk with all my old data on Monday. Since they are in Chicago it all takes a bit longer.