Wednesday, March 25

Don't miss this!

There is a great new TV series on the BBC. The No1 Ladies' Detective Agency. It actually had started already last Sunday. All the blue skies and over the top characters fill me with great joy. It had started as a movie a year or two ago I already really liked (although doesn't seem to know anything about that). So I was double happy to find out they started a series with the same cast. I just found it out on the last moment myself, and I think nobody should miss this. The next episode is coming Sunday at 9pm GMT on BBC1.

But then again, you might not like it at all. Maybe it is just my African heart beating.


  1. Do you have any idea how hard that name is going to be to spell out using the remote on my DVR?

    Still, thanks for the heads up.
    It looks interesting :-)
    Sadly the "watch this" buttons on the BBC site appear not to work.

  2. Just started catching up with this on iplayer, very nicely done, my favourite line 'we will take your case at the full unhappy dog fee' rofl

    Nice one Phe wouldnt have caught this without the heads up!

  3. Bugger! I completely forgot to tune in on this last night. I was actually zapping around for something to watch at the time it was airing :-(