Wednesday, March 25



It's the 25th of March and we already have more posts than days in this month!
Despite the not-so-user-friendly commenting system, it's become actually quite a lively place with just the three of us chattering away.
So, do you guys think we maybe could do with some more readers / authors?
Not that I have anyone particular in mind, mind. But maybe you two have people from the Days of AMP or Guilds or whatever who you'd like to get in on this thing we got going here?

Totally unrelated picture of a beautiful sunset.

P.S. Geek, finish your article on repetitive tasks, I so want to comment on it :-D


  1. Some housekeeping notes:

    1) I changed the comments so that the field appears under the posts. To me this feels better. What say you?

    2) Someone's added a "what we talk about". Could be fun, but it also brought to my attention that some posts, mostly mine, have superfluous labels that overlap. Making the list rather longish. I'll see about cleaning up a bit tonight. I don;t always bother to add labels when I write a post. I think anyone is free to add those at a later date. Might be best to keep an eye on wild-growth of labels in future. i.e. reuse when possible.

    3) I changed the lay-out of my Shared Items (again). I want it to look a bit different as it's really an outside resource. Not sure I like this greenish look though. Thoughts?

  2. Let me start with the housekeeping notes since I can see those notes right above my comment block now :)

    1) I like it! Except... Mozilla on Linux is not so happy with it. In fact, I couldn't post the comment at all. Fortunately I have Opera on my second linux system. But I don't think that is a reson to not use it.

    I hope the log in/word verify logic still works ok. Haven't tried that out.

    2) That would be me. I actually went through *ALL* the posts and made sure we had no double tags (like 'everquest2' and 'EQ2'), everything is capitalized correctly (MMORPG in stead of mmorpg), removed a few rare fluff tags, and gave all post some relavant tags. There are still a lot of unique tags, but not as bad anymore. Feel free to reduce it further, of course.

    It would be nice if the 'what we talk about' would only be a top 10 list, but I couldn't figure that out how to do.

    3) Nice! Looking slick. I am a bit less excited about the 'Internet Health Report' link.

  3. So, do you guys think we maybe could do with some more readers / authors?
    Not that I have anyone particular in mind, mind. But maybe you two have people from the Days of AMP or Guilds or whatever who you'd like to get in on this thing we got going here?

    Now for a comment on the actual blog entry.

    I have been telling already a couple of people about our blog. And I know we have at least two lurkers. Both Jeni (who claims she doesn't know how talk on the internetz anymore) and Falcon15 have commented to me about stuff written here. I told Caligari (who sends his greetings) and Sindon (old VG guildie) about it as well.

    I also made my (amp.)guildportal siggie advertise and link it. But apart from Falcon, I don't think anybody came over yet. Maybe I should make a real post. But then again, maybe not.

    I would love to see more readers for sure. And even more authors would be great too. Tribina, Maya, Keo, Wyat, Blackphoenix, Apoletta would all be very welcome.

  4. And on related note, there is something I would like to change. This blog was started by Lani, and I am ok if it stays like this too, but I would propose a slightly different title and subtitle for our blog. It sounds just too Lani :)

    Yammob is talking
    Nomads is the virtual world

    I like 'yammob' but we don't really have to spell it out.

  5. Oops, that was meant to say 'Nomads in the virtual world'.

  6. *grin* Nice work. So... Would me adding 'game design' as an uncapitalised tag be a source of frustration for you then...?

    A main-title change is of course doable. I suspect it'd be best to make the "yet another..." the subtitle then, just so no confusion about the abbreviation occurs. The "Open conversations..." bit is the sub-title atm.

    It'd be great to get back in touch with Jeni BP and Appie who've drifted away (for me that is) a bit, and the MUtants are always welcome.
    All those people you mention would be welcome as readers, commentators and even authors. The three of us have admin rights. Don't think I want to spread that level of control too thin. But other than that, anyone's welcome.
    Under Settings > permissions you can invite people to be authors if you so wish.

    To all you lurkers, please jump in on the chatter! :-)

    Would nomads of the virtual world(s) not be better? Just arguing semantics :-)

    P.s. No idea if the captha still works. It's replaced by my cocomments plugin.

    P.p.s I'm also doing a trial on Wordpress: which has more advanced features. Not sold on it yet though. Will play around tonight.

  7. Check out the Tag Cloud thingy.
    Not exactly a Top Ten, but it's Web 2.0 so we'd be up with recent buzz-word fads :-)

  8. Well you will be pleased to know I posted in the Mutants [MU] forum about this blog shortly after I got involved, got some positive feedback but no one seemed to be chomping at the bit to contribute..maybe a direct invite might help..I know they've been very busy with their GW2 fansite.

    So we have lurkers huh ? It's about time those lurkers got in on the action if you ask me (yes jeni I'm looking at you - come on and muse, you know you want to).

    BP and Apoletta would be awesome to hear from them both again.

    Yes Lani I will get around to finishing that repetitive tasks piece soon, it just got so long winded and I did my usual trick of rambling way too much for it to be published.

  9. You call that rambling???
    I'll show you rambling!!!
    Nah, don't want to give Phè another brainache.

    Maybe the MUtants wanted to see us link to their GW2Base site before they get their toes wet? Well, there! I added a link to that very nice, very bright and warmly coloured site :-)

  10. @Phe: let me know how you like the gren 'what we talk about' ok?

    I spent half the night trying to get my Shared items links green like the dates and the what we talk..., just so there's a bit of variety in the column to the right, but apparently my CSS skills have atrophied to the point where I can't override a global color setting anymore :-(

    As a side result I did discover a way to shorten the classic labels list. I can insert a treshold number of times a label must be used before it shows up in there.

    Oh, I also added a "Follower" Widget for our lurkers. They can sign on to that as a sign of support. Joined up myself as a Good Example thingy, and to make it less empty :-)

  11. I love the green tag cloud thingy! I'll remove the lenghty old 'what we talk about' list.

    I had tried the followers thingy too the other day and realized it is a bit too empty. I think we shouldn't put it up till we have some real followers. And even then it got too much a facebook/myspace feel to it. 'Look at me! I have more followers than you :P'

    I have emailed a few folks, so hopefully they will come. Just make sure we have all the bear traps and pitfalls ready to keep them here.

    As you can see I have tried out the new title/subtitle thingy too. Although we are 'yet another blog', I think the 'yet another' written out sounds wrong-ish. We are not really 'yet another' anything. We are just rambling to each other and found a handy place to do it. I don't really care that many other people before us have done the same thing. But 'yammob' has a really nice ring.

  12. Another thingy. Just spewing out my layout desires. Is there a way to have the conversations/history section not so spread out? There is too much space between the lines. I would love it if they would just be right below each other like normal text. There is too much scrolling now. (I probably should just email you this in stead of filling the comments with my demands)

  13. "yes jeni I'm looking at you - come on and muse, you know you want to"

    *Looks back at EG* You want me to what?

  14. Maybe he should muse a bit on that question?

    It's absolutely GREAT to hear from you Jeni!
    Now I can go putt weird and obscure images in posts again :-)

    Yeah, the Follower thingy which I renamed first thing as it sounds like groupies is very facebooky and empty. I had the same issues with it you did, but thought I'd leave it in for a day or so to see if those misgivings would go away. Nothing lost :-)

    The spacing issue is something I keep meaning to look into. At around 6 o clock I discovered I can wrap additional HTML around the widgets, but overall everything in the right-side column shares certain characteristics. I.e. I can't change the padding on the Conversations without changing it for the other elements. But that's probably not a Bad Thing™. Still, getting into HTML/CSS at 6 in the morning, is. As I soon discovered :-)

  15. One thing about the current title.

    "Yammob is talking" makes me think yammob is an entity. Like a 'Dear Margrat' column in a magazine. I can sympathize with the not wanting to be yet another blog about MMO's, really I can. Even though that's what we are, I can sympathize.
    Not sure I like this though. What does Geek have to say about this?

  16. Woohoo thejeni is here! now just find the link to that discount cattleprod store and I'm sure we can entice her to stay :-)

  17. Think I fixed the spacing issue. Yay me!
    Next up some of those overly large headings.
    First groceries and helping mom though.

  18. Oh, while I was at it, I also tweaked the blockquote style so that quoting in your post doesn't result in something huge anymore.

  19. Hooray! Nice work!

    And I agree with you that 'yammob is talking' is not it either. I was just trying something to see what you two think. Maybe just 'yammob'? And leave it to visitors to ponder what it means until the time we have become the world standard and 'yammob' will just be as ingrained in our language as 'fedex'.

  20. I like yammob it has a nice ring to it, just plain, simple yammob would be my preference.

  21. Well, I happen ta know that BP guy. If ya'll ever see him around, tell him I'm lookin' fer him. He owes me some money.

    -BP hoping his fake southern accent doesn't give him away.

  22. That wasn't a fake Canadian accent then?
    Sorry, not native to your continent, so it's hard for me :-)

    Nice to hear from you BP! :-D

  23. It looks like somebody is playing with the CSS.
    We have Blue stuffed Yammob now for our header now, and a green stripe?

  24. Very nice to hear from you again BP, just a word of advice don't rely too heavily on your stealth tactics :)