Tuesday, March 17

My story

I sharpened my Morning Star. It would be a long trek, but the Succubus that killed my father will have to pay! Erisean looked weary. Still, we continued our journey. No one expected a group of Vrocks to appear all of a sudden! While hacking away at our enemies, we could see demon Wasps clad in Canvas approaching from the east. Soon they would also be corpses. One of them nearly stabbed Erisean in the back, but being a Slow Poisoner he swiftly dodged the attack. Six of them were closing in on us, but my Tumor (Benign) V spell reduced them to ashes! The last leg chopped off, a Arcane Arrow of Foreboding found among the body parts, I dropped my blood-smeared Morning Star. The battle was won!


  1. Prove of my hardcoreness. I didn't explain you should click on the title *grin*

  2. (after clicking on the title and the image)


  3. There is really nothing to it. I thought it was a fun website of auto generating fantasy quests. I bumped into it while in search for something else and decided to make a rather confusing blog entry. It seemed to make more sense than an entry like this:

    Fun site

    I found this fun website. Have a look at http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/pq/index.php?mode=generate

    As you have already said earlier it might be a Dutch thing to post stuff that needs more posts to explain them :)

  4. Aye, just like it's a Dutch thing to pretend you don't get it, for a laugh?

    I caught what it was somewhere between clicking the link and my first comment. No way was I going to let it lie though :-)

  5. /slap

    (the vanguard version)

  6. Ok, I was gonna be nice and pick up some Harvesting Skill Books for you, but now...



  7. I tried /slap yesterday when I walked passed Twanni while you were afk. It didn't work out as planned :)

  8. Yeah, you didn't have Twanni for a defensive target.
    The times I /cleaned /kicked /spat & /cut throated random players rather than the Outfitter's table is numerous.

  9. No, that is not it. Try it out when you get online.

  10. Phè, are you asking me to slap you tonight?

    Posting from inside Vanguard btw.