Friday, March 13

Some things to look forward to.

So I was wondering about the Racial mounts that were introduced in Game Update 5.
It turns out you'd better start gathering Faction at level 10 in order to get your mount at around level 30. You even need to wear a special amulet while doing it which you can get from City Faction Rgeistrars. It's probably worth it for Taqe and Twanni to look up the Kojani Faction Registrar when they leave Isle of the Dawn. Apparently we ride Dire Lobsters.

I don't know if it's possible to do this for a city not your own, but I suspect Vanguard isn't that flexible. So I think it's a shame that the Goblins ride Wolfspiders rather than Okami as the Orcs do. Guess that if I want Coilla to ride a wolflike mount she'll have to go through the Shadowhound Quest arc instead. Luckily she's on that already.

Going back to your roots:
It's also recommended to visit your racial home upon leaving the Isle of Dawn and find the newbie trainer there. In order to get your Recall spell, something that's very useful. On that note, it looks like my favorite recall spot has had its nearby Travel Stone removed. I always bound at Lomshir Plains, the horsetrack as you had a broker, a mailbox, trainers for every class and a Travel Stone within a hundred yards and a two minute ride to the nearest bank in Khal. It now looks like the Travel Stone has shifted position Southward, to the Temple of Something-or-Other. Makes sense as that's a more active 10-20 Adventuring area and it's nearly exactly in between Khal and Ahgram, two of the major cities of the continent.

Phat Lewt Recovery:
It also looks like the loss of Kettle's cabin may not be as disastrous as first advertised. The Cabin itself is gone along with the materials that went into building it but the contents should be in escrow with the housing merchant. So with any luck all Kettle's flowerpots food supplies and chests full of Legion uniforms e.t.c. will still be there. That might be nice for our new alts as well. We are returning to a game that had huge mudflation during its first half year already.

Being a Vet has its rewards:
Something else that's of interest is that SOE apparently decided to do Veteran Rewards for Vanguard a bit differently than for EverQuest II. Rather than reward you for month subscribed only, they just tally the numbers since your account was created. It may even be so that our freshly nubbed alts can /claim the same rewards our old mains can, after leaving the Island.

And then there's the usual ICA's (Ill Conceived Acronym's) to look forward to:


IoD: Isle of Dawn

BoD: Bridge of Destiny (lvl 50)

SoD: Shores of Darkness (lvl 50)

PotA: Pantheon of the Ancients (lvl 50)

PoA: Plains of Anguish (lvl 40+)

OT: Old Targonor (lvl 43+)

NT: New Targonor (n/a)

CIS: Coterie Infineum Sanctuary (lvl 20+)

Thel: Thelasean (sp? and lvl 40+)

ToT: Temple of Tehatamani (lvl 40+ or so)

TK: Trengal's Keep (lvl 21+ or so)

LN: Leth Nurae (lvl 1+)

IoG: Isle of Gargazumat (sp probably TOTALLY wrong, lvl 50+)

APW: Ancient Port Warehouse (lvl 48+)

TG: Tawar Galan (n/a)

NN: Nusibe Necropolis (lvl 44+/- or so)

BC: Bordinar's Cleft (starting area)

TJ: Tar Janshir (mmm... high 30s iirc?)

CW: Celestine Ward (30s?)

RK: Renton Keep (20s)


Heg: Hegnarian


BOE: Bind on Equip

BOP: Bind on Pickup

MT: Main Tank

MA: Main Assist

OT: Off-Tank/Secondary Tank


HL: Hunter's League

URT: United Races of Thestra (armor questline, 10-20 or so iirc?)


BP: Breastplate


  1. Geeky now has something to look forward to as well, besides getting over that flu :-)
    After Phè logged of I made 3 additional Jute bags, sizes 10,12 & 14 slots. I also put those charlatan's Jute Bolt to good use which resulted in a charlatan's Shirt, +14 Intelligence and +29 Energy. Ment for a Level 6 mage of some kind. Anyone know a good donateefor those?

    get well soon Geek, I want to get rid of this stuff :-)

  2. I read up on the racial mount at bit at long last. They claim we can get any mount we like as long as we build enough faction. The bit more worrying part is the need for platinum coins. You can only acquire it by doing big scaled raids. I guess we will have to see when we get to the mainland.

    But looking at the list I think I would prefer a horse :) Although a lynx would be cool, it doesn't really fit with my character. She is really a Kojani, loyal to the Emperor. I guess the lobster would be the most approciate, but I am not sure what it will look like.

  3. Yeah, I actually spend about 4 hours last night playing with Coilla. One of which was wasted on trying to figure out how a Rogue works again, but then the whole duck-behind & backstab, duck-behind & shavvy, duck-behind & shiv, groin-kick, duck-behind & backstab thing became fun again.

    I checked out the Martok Faction Registrar and learned that you can wear a banner for whichever city you want. I even got a single Platinum piece in good faith. Martok has two mounts, the Spiders and the Okami. Kinda hoping Gobs can ride Okami too. But it seems that mounts don't show up in the seller's dialogue until you hit 30. So I don't know actual price.
    Then I went on to do some Shadowhound questing for 2.5 hours, this got me 1 Silver and 5 Copper coins. You need to hit a 3 dot of equal level to even have a shot at a Copper Coin. For Gold you need named bosses. I think I saw a comment that platinum is available pre-raiding. It would have to be if the L30 mount requires platinum. That or you need 100 Gold by that time.Anyway, getting your banner on as soon as possible is a good idea. I suspect Coilla would have a better shot at saving up for the L50 mount than the L30 one.