Sunday, March 8

My Screenshot Album

When Phè commented the other day that she didn't really miss seeing her old Screenshots posted at Gameamp, it reminded me of something.
I really should clean out my Fraps folders. They'd grown to encompass 30 GB...
As I'm lousy at throwing stuff out I decided to go through the folders and upload a selection to my Picasa account, the album that feeds the little slideshow on the right.

This isn't all, there's currently 117 images in the album and I'll be adding more when and if I come across others. I'm pretty sure I have some more on my external HD that isn't attached at the moment. I'm trying to add a cross-section of all the MMO's I've played. Need some more from the days when of Guild Wars, EverQuest II and Dungeons & Dragons Online.

For the full Gallery, click here.
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  1. Oh, and you can leave comments at the album too if you like :-)