Friday, August 13

Soon now

Something stirs. The wind whispers, the ground trembles, the earth dreams, and we will all be invited in. Soon now.
Not sure exactly what will be soon, but it is going to be shit.


  1. You're right. It will probably be "a sh-oh look a kitty-t game."

  2. That said, I won't tell you about something that doesn't exist. They probably don't even remember me, because of course, they don't exist. If they ever did exist, I would have gone by the name sundoulos, but of course they don't, so I didn't.

  3. Whenever I asked my mum what was for dinner the answer was always the same, 'shit with sugar on' which was more often than not the correct description in either look or taste except for one thing: Cake! and we all know what that was.....