Tuesday, August 17


Chennie and her cat are exploring a new world.


  1. Oh, thank goodness for hovering text-labels. I never would have pegged that donkey for a donkey otherwise :-)

    The picture reminds me of a post I shared yesterday, where they'd made a screenshot using 6 different MMO's UI to demonstrate how closely they resemble on another. THis one would blend right in. Still, you seem to be racking in the XP and money both :-)

  2. Oh yes, the UI is very standard. The combat system too. And the movement controls are the typical Asian point and click. WASD sort of works, but I am already used to point and click.

    But otherwise I am enjoying my ride so far. It is all cute and very Chinese. The little talking cat is just making me happy. I eagerly waiting to get home tonight and around some more. That donkey there is going to be my ride soon.

  3. I think I got Nahkti up to lvl 9 in the first hour but I had done it before, still hovering in the same area as Chennie though and added to my friends list, maybe see you in there later :)