Sunday, August 29


MMOG's I'm looking forward to in order of anticipation:
  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  2. Guild Wars 2
  3. The Secret World
  4. Rift
  5. Final Fantasy XIV
MMOG's coming out soon in (likely) order of Launch:
  1. Final Fantasy XIV
  2. Rift
  3. The Secret World
  4. Guild Wars 2
  5. Star Wars: The Old Republic
Of course, only FF-XIV's launch is anywhere near certain (next month). The rest is just guestimate. Also ironic is that while I'm looking forward to SW:TOR more I suspect GW2 to have better longevity of entertainment for me. The irony there being that the latter doesn't have a monthly subscription to take advantage of that.


  1. Actually, Secret World is so Secret I have no idea if it'll launch prior to GW2 at all :-)

  2. I would have gone for TSW after GW2 too :)

    1. Guild Wars 2
    2. The Secret World
    3. Star Wars The Old Republic
    4. Rift
    5. FFXIV

    Guestimate of release:
    1. FFXIV
    2. Star Wars The Old Republic
    3. GW2
    4. Rift
    5. The Secret World

    I'm expecting SW:TOR to be next on release but I'll be happily surprised if GW2 beats them to it. TSW seems way off unless we suddenly get bombarded with news.

  3. Yeah, my Guestimates are lsightly slanted to be in reverse order of anticipation. I wouldn't be surprised though if Rift launches before either of them though, and Secret World really is a moving target.

    SW:TOR and GW2 are the two upcoming Big Hitters and will liekly try not to be in each other's fairway in regards to launch dates, unless they're really, really confident, afterall the core of Star Wars and GW fans are about a decade or more apart.

    We'll see :-)

  4. A decade apart? More like an entire generation :)

    I was thinking the same release schedule as Geeky. I actually hoipe TSW won't come earlier otherwise they release a half product again.

    My anticipation is:

    1. TSW - Really looking forward to this.
    2. GW2 - Mostly because it will be fun to play with friends again.
    3. SW:TOR - Because Lani got me sufficiently hyped.

    And this it actually. I will probably only try Rift and FF if one of you will give high praise from actual play. Till then I will happily ignore it.

  5. I was rounding down. :-P
    A generation is 14 years these days given how quickly kids are sexually active these days.

  6. That comment about the no monthly fee got me thinking. Comparing the time I've spent playing WoW with the time I've spent playing RoM, having no monthly fee to be concerned about is actually a benefit which increases the enjoyment of the game as well as grants me a bit more freedom (probably just in my head). With WoW, you spend $30 to play for two months. That, in and of itself is a factor that sucks you into the game because there's an idea that you've got to get your money's worth out of it. With RoM, I can quit playing for a week guilt free, because I haven't payed for the privelage to play the game. When I want to come back, I easily can. When I want to quit or a bit, I can.