Tuesday, August 10

GW2 'Manifesto' video

HD Mov Version

Here begins the true Hype from the mouths of Anet themselves.

I highly recommend you watch it full screen and high resolution, the art is worth it.

Not a lot new in terms of gameplay, a couple of new examples of skill synergy. They've been very careful not to include any new classes, I won't be lying if I say I love the look and going for a stylised world is better for them than aiming for any photo realism. The glimpses of new technology in the world of Tyria has me wanting more. I don't blame them for blowing their own trumpet if all of this manifests as playable your looking at one happy geek :)


  1. You could have warned me it is 400MB in HD :)
    In less than two weeks you will know for sure. You are still planning to go to Cologne, right?

  2. The latest blog 'walking the walk' lets us know what to expect of the demo at gamescom

  3. Phe, sorry should have warned you, go to the official gw2 site and there are more options for different resolutions.

    My attendance at gamescom is on rocky ground, my neck has decided to collapse on me again, currently doing my hardest to keep mobile and do what I can to cease the increasing onslaught. As it currently stands I can handle the travelling, just taking it day by day, if it doesn't get to the stage like last time that a 20 minute bus journey is too much to take then I'll be there :)

  4. Oh bugger. Just abused my companies backbown to slurp in 400MB in 20 seconds only to discover I can't play .mov as I don't have Quicktime...

  5. I dunno. Mixed feelings here. Looks pretty cool, but they're claiming all the same stuff nearly every mmo has been claiming in the 21st century.

    I guess time will tell if their plan will actually turn out "different."