Wednesday, August 25

GW2 - Necromancer Revealed

The class was revealed at gamescom, since then we've seen lots of the class in action from demo videos, sadly the skill videos got leaked before this article was published. Well worth a watch if you haven't already seen them.

We get to see an Asura in action for the first time and I'm relieved to see it doesn't look too cute.

Bone Minions + Putrid Explosion
My personal favourite, the Charr looks mean in its ornate leather version of the Necromancer blindfold, the minions look as deathly as they should and the way the Necro uses them is pure evil, I almost feel sorry for them.

Grasping Dead
An AoE that has a line of effect, pulling your enemies to the ground and letting the dead at them. I'm not that impressed with the models for the arms.

Locust Swarm
The AoE used directly before Locust swarm has a nice bite animation and the swarms themselves are great, they steal health so this video seems a little misleading

Life Siphon
An oldie but a goody from GW1 given a GW2 update

All in all nice skill videos, got me looking forward to playing my favourite class again.

Well and Minions are back along with Fear and something new called 'Marks', ground targetted spells whose effect is either triggered after a time or triggered by the necromancer, seems like we get our own version of traps


  1. In the Doom video I'm guessing that the Necro is using Doom to fear his foe in to a 'Mark': Lay the mark, use the fear, trigger the mark.

  2. *in his best Harrison Ford voice impression*
    Bog skale... Why'd it have to be bog skale?

  3. He he, a Sakura (that's what they're called right?) Necromancer. Finally that race emerges from the "obligatory -nod to Asian markets- annoying cute and cudly race" status into something potentially playable. Playing a totally depraved evil master mind of that race has a certain appeal :-)

  4. Sakura?

    Playing a totally depraved evil master mind of that race has a certain appeal :-)

    I'm with you on that one :)

  5. Ok, what's the obligatory -nod to Asian markets- annoying cute and cudly race in Guild Wars called then?

    The flappy eared ones?
    Top picture in this blog entry shows one?

    I think they got introduced in either Nightfall or Eye of the North which explains my lack of canon-knwoledge :-)

  6. That would be the Asura, mentioned above the vid :)