Wednesday, August 18

GW2: Unofficial gameplay footage

Well, that certainly confirms some of mys supicions...


  1. Ok, I know I am baiting flames with this and may be on MUtant shitlists forever after this but....

    "I've already played Guild Wars 2, it was called Warhammer Online."

  2. Oh noes, it has "Kill Ten Rats!"

  3. teribad video, god mode and invisible to mobs hardly gives a true reflection of gameplay. I'll wait until some quality game play footage arrives before commenting, but LOVE how the Charr moves.

  4. I haven't actually watched this video yet, and my comment was made as a sarcastic GW2-fanboi. I still have very high hopes and expectations for the game. I like the analysis Ravious over at made.

    But my hope and expectations are for the rest rather irrelevant. I can't get myself to play GW1. Mostly because I don't know why I should run around and kill things. What would I be playing for? But that goes a bit deeper and makes me wonder why I play video games at all. So I am just in a weird mood. I will just follow my kitten around Mullberry Village.

  5. The movement of the Char looks really cool yes :-)

    The invisible to AI doesn't hide the fact that it's not quite as cinemagraphic as the carefully choreagraphed footage we'd seen before. I've been waiting for their HD combat footage to be shown up for trailers for a while now.

    Even with the ghosted effect you can tell (melee) combat is marginally upgraded from GW1, the whole first half of the video feels like running around in ghost mode in a better version of WAR's Scenario's including the gun turret element. It's still you standing still and hacking at the opponent while it aimlessly hacks at you, not really responding to being hit at all. This last bit actually may be influenced by the invisible to AI effect, but I didn't see much of it in the mobs that did see each other. The only time I saw a Char react to being hit (when not being dealt a mortal blow) was when the invisible-to-Ai Char was getting hit while rezzing other Chars. A common "spell almost interrupted" twitch.

    The Kill Ten Rats Event looks like a lame version of WAR's initial Public Quest Phase. Not sure what those phases mean? Well PQ's are a cyclical event structure. The main difference between a PQ and an Event seems to be that in the case of a PQ the first phase just resets eventually if the player doesn't affect the outcome whereas Events have a scripted cycle for all phases. Should the player not affect the outcome of phase 1, a different version of phase 2 and eventually a phase 3 emerges rather than a reset.

    The Map, oh the map could've been from three different WAR campaigns. Guild Wars 2 really looks incredibly like "WAR doner right".

    @Phé: Odd, I always felt GW had a mich better motivational element to it than most games. Having your country invaded and blasted into cinders tends to be a good motivational force in a survivor's life. Compare it to most other MMO's especially the sandbox ones and you find those are more lacking in that regard. So I have to wonder exactly how far you got into the tutorial.

  6. Nowhere. I really have only played it for 30 minutes.

  7. Hmmm. Can't blame you then. That's 20 minutes spent in character creation and ten minutes of being led to believe the game is about Elementalists giving lap dances :-)

  8. Very good quality video of lvl 1 gameplay here. The Necromancer is IN (wooohooo) his pet looks awesome

  9. Darn!
    Forgot to check out that video last night Geek.
    Now I'm back at work missing the proxy that used to let me bypass "Smart Filter"