Friday, August 20

GW2 Gamescom presentation - 3 videos


  1. Worth watching at the higher quality and full screen if possible. The city is beautiful, the animation on the 'brood mother' in part two is superb. Some insight in to their advanced public quest system.

  2. Vid 1;
    Hmmm, are they licensing the barbie silhouette or will they be sued for using her in that Character Creation set?
    Intro movie, like EQ-2 but classier. Good improvement.
    Wow! Tutorial reminds me a lot of WAR starting area (Empire) but in a good way.
    Neat, they use the FF XI cinematics for NPC dialogue. Not sure if I like it more or less than AOC's inworld system. Leaning towards AoC (after they fixed the bloom glare bug)
    I hope we can turn of those oversized damage nr's like we could in the original GW
    Chat seems to be little different from the original, but why mess with perfection I say. :-)
    Events still look and sound a lot like PQ's but from the chatter of the devs it sounds like they'll scale to nr of players, which was one of WAR's failings that they didn't.
    PQ Boss looks awesome. Err, I mean Event Boss of course.
    Dodgeable attacks in GW2! Now that sounds interesting. WOdner if I'll use it as effectively and often as I did the blocking in AoC

  3. Vid 2;
    "We actually have no iea what's going on in the world at the moment"
    Pure awesome :-D

    Brood Mother: Just as I start wondering about how they'll deal with post Population Wave events, they start explaining about their dynamic scaling system.
    How long till wiki's will list the optimum nr of players for Brood Mother though, and how will additional players wandering in to help be treated?
    Rezzing gives a little XP buff, should be good incentive to be polite mos tof the time.
    Interesting choice that you only get XP, $$$ and Karma from kills, no loot. It sounds cool, but also risky, as well as a nice setup for dropping in an item shop if needed.
    That city loks awesome!!!
    I notice they've taken a hint from CoX how to make the city alive through NPC dialogue. In fact I'm seeing a lot of derivative stuff. All in a good way though.

    Home Instance.... HOME INSTANCE!!!
    Almost start to feel sorry now that I never did anything about that thing they slapped onto the original GW :-)

  4. Vid 3;

    Lower level characters can shoot artillery while the more advanced players close in with the undead dragon.
    Ok, Geek, right behind you!

    Want play!
    Seriously, that type of Event, provided it'll work with Real Populations (still the greatest risk as seen from WAR) it's going to give people such a great experience :-)

  5. Glad you found the time to watch all three Lani :)

    The UI's look is going to be changed and there will be a degree of customisation.

    Yeah liked the turrets for the Dragon, failing too hard on the front line? retreat and still be involved!

    Also thought the lack of items (armour, weapons etc) as drops was an interesting move, there are those that will miss the excitement of random item drops for sure.

    I'm looking forward to seeing something higher res of the gameplay, hopefully we will get an official in game video of a tour of Divinity's Reach, it looks such a lovely place to explore. Makes me wonder how far they've got with the other racial home cities?

    The initial low quality videos where a disappointment, now the good stuff is appearing my excitement is back :)