Friday, June 4

Three reasons not to play SW:TOR

1) the absense of playable non-human species
2) the presence of Midichlorians...
3) the presence of Gungans other than in a mission where you exterminate them all.

None of these are confirmed and from what I've been able to tell (as someone trying very hard not to follow the game too closely) only item 1 is a real concern for now.

This in lieu of another Wall of Text which I'd feel compelled to fact-check and would essentially still break down to these three points.

Anything you guys are looking forward to or fearing in SW:TOR?


  1. I am basing my most recent TOR wisdom on glancing over Syncaine's posts. But my gut feeling is that he is right. TOR is probably going to be a great game, but not an MMO. That is not necessary a bad thing. It seems that these days I don't have time, urge or interest to properly play an MMO anyway.

    As far as the three reasons you mention I don't see them as issues. I prefer to play human races in general, and I have no idea whatsoever what Midichlorians and Gungans are.

  2. You'll have to remind me not to go lore-nazi on you when we do get in :-)
    The link on the word midichlorians kinda tells you all you need to know on that subjects and if you don't know what Gungans are, please live on in blissfull ignorance.

    As to the playable species (not races, species) I can see why they'd limit that. You need different animations / gear-appearances for each. What are you going to do for gear for a species which essentially runs around buttnaked all the time like Wookiees?
    I just want to be able to play a twi-lek for as long as I can remember :-)

    I'm inclined to agree with Syncaine and the others who suspect SW:TOR will be a great game but not so much in the conventional/WOW-clone sense. I too think htat's a good thing.

  3. I'm not really a major Star Wars fan, enjoyed some of the movies but never got hooked enough to get deep in to the lore.

    If SW TOR turns out to be a social RPG then I don't have a problem, it's Bioware they do good RPG, playing a well made RPG with your mates sounds fun to me.

    I got worried with the title of this post when it showed up in my email, sounded like a troll post :)

  4. I did some looking up on midichlorians and gungans.

    I like the concept midichlorians are answers to a question nobody wanted to ask. I agree it doesn't seem to enlighten anything. But it is darn handy from a game design point of view. Perfect way to deplete mana. They could have solved it with just 'force', but since Lucus made the mistake to introduce it to the universe it only makes sense the game uses it as well. I am just seeing it as a handy game mechanism. More pro than con to me.

    Now that I have visited the wookieepedia I know what gungans looks like. They look like the common lizard-like baddies, only with a much deeper society behind them. What is the objection to having or not having them in the game?

    Twi'leks do look quite lovely. Maybe there will be a DLC later on.

    I am not getting too fired up on it all, but after looking through some of these characters, and more thinking Mass Effect than SW movies in the back on my head, I am getting a more and more positive feel about this game. Maybe they will pull off to make something truely epic.

  5. I think it will be a good game... but where I'd have bought KOTOR 3 in a heartbeat, if SWTOR is Yet Another Subscription MMO, I'm not interested. KOTOR with online multiplayer, I can do.

  6. @Phe: To you midichlorians are a not-so-great concept and potentially a handy (but unnecessary) game device. To me it's representative of all that is wrong with Lucas and his prequels. As a bit of an Star Wars afficionado I can't shrug it off as easily.

    @Geek: Sorry for the troll post style title. It got things rolling though :-)

    @Tesh: You point out something which is probably the greatest shame about SW:TOR. There's probably never going to be a KoTOR 3 now. Even though I think gameplay might be pretty close to a KoTOR online with some twitch elements thrown in. But KoTOR needs a trilogy finalle #2 left too many things open even with the unlocked unfinished content they didn't put in the release version because they had to distribute before Christmas.

    All things said and done I'm actually pretty laid back about SW:TOR. It's going to be a good game I know that. Not sure if it'll be great or if it'll 'succeed' given the way MMO players tend to hype their own expectations even in the face of a company saying "we're not going to do it that way". I just know that whether it's going to be a game I play for three months or six months or longer I won't consider my money wasted.