Monday, May 31

Not much of a post

As soon as the plane landed in Mumbai I realized I had forgotten something. My camera. So not much of a travel post to make. Only a few crappy iPhone pictures taken from the car.

Of course there is a lot more to tell about one crazy week in Pune, but I'll spare you all that till the time we'll meet up again.


  1. *grins*
    Well even if you used one of those crappy iPhones, the pics are allright :-)

  2. So, did any good reading in Pune? or was it more like my former roomie's foreign work detachments?

    You back in the UK or is Catherine all alone in the house wondering about that one package? :-)

  3. Is that his blog? I recognize quite a bit of that. Although my job is a bit easier. Less different places to travel, (usually) less hours a week. But last week was pretty much exactly like that. I worked a lot, then had diner with colleagues, followed by email sessions with folks in Chicago till 1 or 2 am. I did start pondering about how my life is getting a bit messed up. If I am almost half the time away from home I am basically putting life on hold. And strangely enough now that I am just back home and at my own desk in the office I am utterly clueless what I should work on, and what my work really entails.

    I am in need of a vacation!

    And now I dawns on me what your comment on "Where The Wild Things were" meant. I haven't seen any package yet :)

  4. Yeah, that's one of his blogs. He also Tweets but I refuse to follow that. I hate twatting Twitter.
    Ehm, the free for UK One Day Delivery option on your package (which was in stock at time of ordering) now has a Delivery Estimate of June 7th.
    *shrug* Maybe that makes sense to you Brits?

  5. Woohoo, the book has arrived! Thank you so much! The entire text could indeed fit on an A4 as you mentioned. But the pictures often say more than 1000 words, right? I only had a quick glance this morning. I will absorb it all tonight. I am a bit puzzled how an expected delivery on 7th arrives on 3rd *grin*

  6. Yeah, my analysis of the movie has about 8 times more text than the book :-)

    I use Amazon because their packages actually arrive with a 98% certainty, as opposed to for instance who have a slightly lower performance ration of 27% in that regard. Given those experiences with ordereing from UK stores I just count my blessings and try not to wonder too much about things like delivery estimates. :-)