Sunday, June 20

Countering the GW video's

Not that there's anything wrong with the GW vids, but I really like this STWOR compilation pointing out the very interactive comabit in terms of synchronised animations.
You know the thing we mentioned being not sure about in the GW2 vids whether it was actually existing. The fact that SWTOR is doing it is hoepful. It may mean that A'net's footage isn't carefully choreocrafted (deliberate misspelling) eyecandy but might return in some form for actual gameplay as well.

My main 'concern' reagarding GW2 now is that ArenaNet started on GW2 before Bioware initialised their SWTOR project by about a year. From the released material It feels like Bioware is abotu a year ahead of ArenaNet now. Not sure whether that favours Bioware or AreneNet.


  1. Ayone still reading?
    Or everyone too lazey to comemnt this week? :-)

  2. Still reading and definately having a lazy week :)

    Combat looks great, very exciting! Loving the animations, nice to see so much care being put in to it. This video got me a little more hyped for this game.

    We've got a date as spring 2011 now for SWTOR, still no date for GW2, it makes me wonder how Anet will approach their release date, I'm hazarding a guess they didn't have anywhere near the same budget as SWTOR. I'm sure they must take the SWTOR release date in to account but I trust they won't try and rush to beat it. If Anet have a tonne more finished they haven't told us about/shown us yet a first quarter of 2011 relase might be realistic but as it currently stands seems a stretch to me.

    Either way I'll be playing them both.

  3. Still reading! But I am in Chicago, and the hotel wi-fi is utter crap. So I can only read up at work, which is crazy busy. So I haven't had time to play any of the clips. I will catch up with my comments Friday-ish.

  4. Poor guys, so busy working and being lazy :-)
    I'll try to put more text and less video's in my next blog posts then shall I?

    I mean, a wall of text will get through WiFi right? :-)

  5. After watching that video I think Bioware are a bunch of pompous asses. Fits the whole SW universe, I guess. Maybe I'll skip this game. It has nothing that adds to the M, M, and O bit.

  6. Sad to hear that Phe. Was hoping to play an MMO with you sometime soon.

    I'm missing the pomposuness from Bioware completely though. What makes Bioware pompous in this vid but not in the vids where the footage was compiled from by a fan?
    The fan who created the video is a bit overbearing in his criticism of other games' combat systems, but that's not Bioware's fault is it?

  7. The game is going to be out for nearly a year, so I can change my mind many times over. I didn't realize it was made by a fan. But this clip still rubbed me the wrong way. I am just not very excited about MMOs in general at the moment. But it might all change. I have a dislike for American superheroes too, but after 5 years I still have fun every week in COH.