Sunday, June 6

Sunny Sunday Screenshot Siesta

Genofeva Soaking up the sun in the Barrachan Isles

Nahkti running towards destiny

Looking back at Khemi

Vailare sits anxiously waiting for the Stygian flower seller

Moody blue sky at the Eiglophean Mountains

Bewitched by the moon after a meeting with Zeleta

Xibaluku is a dark, dangerous place

The Dark One


  1. Nothing from Khitai, they'll come later.

  2. Oooh, all so pretty! AOC is such an amazingly beautiful game. Thanks for making me drool a bit, Geek :)

  3. Let's hope Genofeva still manages to kill that slaver, the way she's dallying :-)

    Anyway, as lovely as they are, the stills don't do the game justice. I was very impressed with the DX10 "god-rays" last time I played. You just can't capture that effect on a screenshot frame though.