Friday, June 18

More SW:TOR stuff

My thoughts:

1) Since about a third of my country is running around in orange shirts with orange hats on and orange warpaint on their faces, we can buy hamburgers with orange sauce and whatnot, people dressing up as Stormtroopers, Jedi's and mandalorians don't seem as silly as they normally would.

2) Still no sign of non-human players. Here's hoping it's just a matter of production timing. Originally people freaked out because in early video's there seemed to be but one hair style. Art departments tend to be rather tyrannical about what's allowed to be shown to the public. Anything not perfect yet is kept under waraps usually.

3) I am very much digging the relatively low nr of items on the hotbar in that video. I hope it doesn't mean a hidden "roller" where you first have to press shift+1-10 to get to the 9 hidden bars full of skills.

3.5) I wonder if they're also intending to make this into a console MMO maybe?

4) Also liking the combat effects on the ground textures. See the clip again if you missed that.

5) Overall, if I were to compare the combat to anything in use in MMO's today I'd say CoX. I think that's a good sign. Lots of moving around, that's a good sign.

6) I do hope they get more combat stances, that jedi we were following started to look a little lame and ineffectual in that "hand forward doing a Jedi mindtrick" pose after a while.


  1. I didn't have audio. Is the in-game sound any good? Theme music?

  2. No in-game sounds in this clip. Just the reporter and Bioware guy talking.

    This clip doesn't get me overly thrilled. The healer kind of stands around and presses 1, 2, 3 as the cool-down ends. I don't really know what I expected, but I am a bit 'meh'. I guess today I am all round a bit 'meh' :)

  3. That's called jet-lag dear :-)

    Anyhoo, I get what you ean about the Jedi/Healer.
    The animation/pose is a bit limited adding to that sense I think. Look again though and notice something else. How much people have to move around in the fight. Outside of CoX I've not seen many MMO's rquiring that, unless they're twitch based shooters with "RPG elements" menaing stats levelling.

  4. Yeah, I thought that was one of the biggest flaws of AOC. It was great for solo play. And for big team / raid stuff. COH/V have that perfect balance that it is fun for a group of four or five as well. The mid-size grouping is challanging for any MMO. If SW:TOR will figure out how to balance that I might get hooked. It is all about having fun with others. But in a way I am more than just one of the big group pressing 1,2,3 as it is in 8+ groups.