Monday, June 14

Star Wars The Old Republic - E3 2010 Trailer


  1. Slightly OTT

    How long until we get sick of light sabers ?

  2. Nice movie clip, but meaningless in as far as getting a good feel about the game. So I am a bit disappointed that this is all they have to show. But since I was not that thrilled in the first place I don't really care that much.

  3. Interesting movie.
    All the Jedi are lookalike's for three central figures of the first KoTOR game. Malek (scarface) Revan (maskboy) and Bastilla (pony-tail girl).
    I suspect this is done to help us associate the old KoTOR style to the closer to the prequels crap look of the Republic commando's.

    KoTOR had a distinvtly different style from the SW movies, really making it look different, older. I'm fearing the MMO's visuals are being brought closer to the prequels' style and further away from the comic book art roots. Not surprisingly I and fans of the Tales of the Jedi / Bioware's KoTOR aren't too thrilled with it.

    Still, as long as I can play a Twi'lek smuggler I'll abide. :-)