Wednesday, June 30

Catching up on single player games

I actually wanted to play The Witcher last week when I was in the States. But either my laptop or the wifi in the hotel were not up to par. After the login intro it crashed. So I had to go with my backup plan, Tomb Raider Anniversary. Supposedly it is the same game as the original Tomb Raider but with better graphics. Since I never really played through the original one I am having a blast. After I got back home I started over on my proper PC, and I am still having fun. It should keep me busy the next two weeks or so. Maybe I'll retry the Witcher after that. And maybe not.


  1. I played Tomb Raider 1-4 avidly. My interest in the series peatered off after that. Not sure if I played 4 through or not. But when the games became based on the movie IP rather than the game IP they lost their appeal.

    I played the anniversary as well. It was a fun trip through memory lane. As someone who did play through the original I must say it was a great reimagination managing to remain true to the original while making full use of improvements in technology at the same time.

    Witcher. I liked the game, but somehow never got all that far. And I kept fighting the camera controls rather than the mobs. It's quite possibly I would have managed to stay with the game in an XBOX360 mode :-)

    Eagerly awaiting Witcher 2 though.

  2. I played the original at the friend's place for a bit. Then played a pirated TR3 copy till it ran into an disk error. The only one I played through completely was TR Legend a few years back. And then I played through it again, and again. The fact I had no DSL at the time might have something to do with it. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Anniversary version is based on the same models and engine as Legend. So it all feels very familiar, but with a new story (for me).