Saturday, December 5

Promotional Video Magic

Now if only the Real Second Life were that lagfree :-/

From the SL webstore Xstreet:

· Animation Bundles (520)
· Animation Override (1470)
· Combat Animations (253)
· Couples Animations (3120)
· Dancing Animations (1466)
· Emotive Animations (227)
· Erotic Animations (4209)
· Gestures (18100)
· Misc. Animations (1756)
· Posing Animations (6253)
· Sitting and Lying Anims (1251)
· Walking Animations (198)

Which shows that after communicating (Gestures) narcicism (Posing Animations) is still #1, followed by cybersex (Erotic animations) with romance (Couples Animations) a close third. Also note the lack of interest in excersize (Walking Animations).

* alternative theory is that (since categories overlap) out of 4209 cybersex animations, 3120 are for couples. The other 1089 probably involve more or less than two avatars...

More promo vids here

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  1. Yay! A Second Life post. It took a while, but it is here. I am still intrigued by it. Not sure why I haven't downloaded it to just see it for myself. In my mind the way to have fun in SL is by making your own life. In an MMO you have the game to guide you. And maybe I am just scared that nobody holds my hand in SL. So I will walk around aimlessly and log off.

    So that list of animations you posted are all emotes? How does it work? If you don't have those emotes you can't greet, pose, hug or kiss? And if you do have the emotes, a sequence goes something like this?

    > /greet
    > /t Hi, great to see you!
    > /smile
    > /pose 3
    > /t you too.
    > /scratch head
    > /embarrassed

    Aargh, and should just find out for myself in stead of asking these useless questions. Only I have no idea where I can find the time for it *grin*