Tuesday, December 22

(Final?) move update #3

Tip for moving: If at all possible try not to move house during snowstorms and/or one foot of snow.

Well, that was.... different :-)
We moved on Sunday, well actually we moved 2 out of 2.5 truckloads, the last ride we cancelled due to blizzardlike (to us soft Dutch people anyway) conditions. So I'm still missing some parts of furniture and other little essentials which were left out at the last moment.

Here be pictures:

We'll be trying to move those asap but since there's still a half foot of compacted snow covering just about everything, we'll have to see as to when.

It looked even awesomer when the snow on it was three inches thick, but you couldn't really distinguish it from the background on that picture :-)

2 hours after movers left

24 hours after movers left

Close up of bookcases.
Red insets hide plates, glasses & cutlery as the dining table is opposite that bookcase

The kitchen is also more or less complete (dishwasher needs a pipe so I won't flood the place using it) and the bedroom partially (some of the missing bits include all planks and the doors to my wardrobe). All in all I've moved in and now the settling in must begin. I hope to have those bookcases and not to mention my DVD collection sorted by the end of January.


  1. P.S. I got my PC working this morning.

    P.P.S See if you can spot the little glass cube with laser scultped building inside I got for working at Spellborn NV for a year.

    P.P.P.S also try to find Waldorf & Steadler

  2. ... and the rubber ducky :-)

  3. Except for the picture of the tree none of the images are showing. If I look at the URL they point to localhost:.....jpg. So I can't see any rubber duckies :)

    But gratz!! and WOOHOO! Welcome to your new home.

  4. Thanks :-)

    And I think I got the pics to work now.

  5. The second and last picture are still http://localhost.

    But I found all your goodies! The duckie under the TV, the glass cube next to Garfield, and Statler about half way duckie and cube. I can only assume Waldorf is sitting next to him.

    Your house is looking great. I love the busy crowded room with loads of small random items. Even from these pictures it already feels like a home. Nice job, Lani!

  6. Thanks Phe :-)

    I dug into the sourcecode to find those localhost thingies. I wasn't seeing them in my browser. Should be gone now.

    So did you spot the undead hip-hopper as well? :-)

    Place feels like a messy need-to-rearrange-nearly-everything kind of home indeed.

  7. Grats lani, love the globe drinks holder, tacky as hell but awesome :)

  8. Gee thanks Pete. I love it even if it is camp :-)
    Besides, the non-tacky ones are unaffordable.

  9. P.s. the pair of army boots in the front of that pic are 100% authentic kick-ass army boots ok, so watch the commentary :-D

  10. Steel toe caps at dawn! :)