Thursday, December 17

Go see Avatar!

I went last night to the premiere of Avatar. In 3D. And I was awestruck. You must go see this movie. It was absolutely one of those masterpieces you simply can't skip. And if at all possible make sure you get to see it in 3D. I was a bit sceptical about the 3D thing. I had to wear one of those funky glasses. But they didn't have a red and green glass, but something about polarization. There were a few previews before the movie started and they had the kind of shoebox with a looking hole feel. Cut-out 2D characters that are standing in front of a 2D background. But Avatar is nothing like that. But you just have to see for yourself. What made it extra fun for me is that James Cameron is clearly a big fan of Anarchy Online. Several creatures and locations could have been copied straight out of the Shadowlands. And even some of the human technology and ideas can be found on Rubi-Ka. So yeah, go see it. I think I will do so again too.


  1. I've been so trying not to get excited about this movie and just go see it as 'just another movie' with the secret hope of finally seeing something worthwile again rather than rehash version 3-5 of some stale old franchise.

    Now you've done it. Now I can't hide from my own excitement and am open to bitter, bitter disappointment when my own fears about the 3D thing are confirmed. Ok, that's partially due to my disability with the dystrophy in one eyeball lense, but still. Well you seem to be ok on the 3D thing though and the Anarchy Online alike comments are really hopeful. You're setting me up for disappointment though, I can feel it. :-)