Tuesday, December 22

After the apocalypse

It appears Lani's uber cool bear will survive the apocalypse. Well, maybe it is not Lani's bear, but I think it is save to say all uber cool bears of the world will survive!

Finding that little bear sitting there all alone was already sad and yet fitting. But it got even worse when I wandered around some more in the town I was passing through. I was busy brewing some Old Kingman Iced Tea. A good iced tea takes it time. So while it was brewing I decided to walk around the house a bit. Normally houses are empty except for some NPC vendors or quest givers. But when I stepped inside the first floor bathroom of this particular house I found an extremely sad girl sitting in the tub looking utterly desolate. I genuine felt embarrassed. I mumbled some apology, but she didn't even look up. So I quickly left.

The game is just simply perfect for me. It is doing exactly what I am looking for. I think I know a bit more about what Geek means about social play, MMO play, etc. A new post is cooking in my head. It will be ready soon :) Oh, and I made my first ATV too. I think. Last night I learned the last piece. So I started crafting one. But it takes 4 hours to make so I will have to see the result when I get home tonight.

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