Monday, December 7

The apartment

I'll explain to Phèdre the differences between emotes, gestures, poses and animations in Second Life soon, but first I want to show the pics of my new apartment. The keys to which I received today:

When you get through the hallway with a toilet and electricity cabinet, all of which was too boring and cramped to take a shot of, this is what you see. Note the top of the birch tree in the window. That's standing in my garden :-D I got a garden. Accessible from stairs leading down from the balcony over there and a backside gate.

Open Kitchen and balding relative:
It's open to the livingroom which is a step down from my current place, but it has a suction cap (Phè help! What are these called in English?) which is a step up.
The balding relative isn't a permanent fixture, well his baldness is ;-P
THe previous owner was willing to leave that fridge standing for 75 Euros. SInce it's 4.5 years old I pounced on that deal.

Livingroom 2:
No, I only have one, but this is the way it looks from the other end.
The wall to the left is 7.90 Meters long and will be covered by bookcases when I'm done.
The little corner you see there has my 1.4mx1.4m dining table written all over it.

This very revealing shot *cough* is of my bedroom. The open door goes to the livingroom and was barely visible in the previous shot. Walls will be repainted less yellow.

Since it was light outside the building my camera's flash decided not to work...
This is the main drawback to this apartment for me. That's the public stairwell right there and residents of the 8 apartments at my level will be walking by my bedroom window to get to their front doors...

Nothing fancy, it has a shower a fountain and to the left room for a washing machine and a dryer. It even has a power-relay so I can use either washing machine or dryer. But since there's only one poweroutlet we're at a loss how that'll work as the relay theoretically switches between 2 outlets....

The apartment also comes with a 2x4m storage at ground level and I'm above the central heating room, providing hot water and heat for the entire building. So essentially I have built in floor-heating and no downstairs neighbours to worry about. Just some to the side and above me.

I've spent the evening bowed over a floorplan with measurements trying to get everything to fit and I realized you're no doubt dieing to see that piece of art so there you go.

Ten Step Plan:
  1. Paint ceiling
  2. Paint walls
  3. Put in carpet
  4. Put in network cabling and other wiring
  5. Put in bookcases
  6. Pack
  7. Move
  8. Drop of unusable stuff at junkyard
  9. Put in better lighting
  10. Clean old apartment
Aftet that, find new employment to be able to pay the rent after month #1 :-(


  1. P.s. The 'balding relative' is actually my beloved brother. I got mom's hair, he got our maternal grandfather's...
    He's the best brother to have during a move though as he actually loves all of it. I mean, who doesn't want a brother who installs kitchens for a hobby? :-)

  2. Shouldn't that be a 12 step plan?

    11. pat self on back
    12. have friends over, wear a large grin courtesy of your new home shared with good company.

    I believe a 'suction cap' may be the equivalent of an 'extraction fan' ?

    *sigh* I bow in homage to your flooring plan, I'm just not that organised, I'm impressed.

    The balding brother proves one thing - it's a wig!

    Grats Lani!

  3. w00t! A new place. A nice looking new place even. Exciting! *does happy dance*

    And a handy balding relative to help out with. Are you sure that is not my brother? He looks really surprisingly much like him. But then again maybe all brothers look alike.

    According to online dictionaries 'afzuigkap' is called hood or exhaust hood. But I have never heard those words. Catherine was no help either either. She could only think up the Swahili word for it, which I have forgotten already :)

    Looking forward to step 12! Good luck!