Tuesday, December 15

Moving update

Oooh! new posts with interesting and heartening titles which I want to peruse in detail but don't have the energy for just now. Good thing I actually still have to work for two days this week and will no doubt have plenty of time and hopefully energy to read and respond.

In the mean time a quick update of what's keeping me offline at the moment:

With the help of this not-so-bold (and adopted) family member we got the carpeting in in both living room and bedroom. Walls and ceilings are painted too and you can see the big TV cupboard which we had to saw in to make my 42" TV fit. Really folks, 38" is all you'll need. Anything above that really is just compensating.
Unless it's my TV of course.

No Geek, it's not a wig. This is where my hair comes from, though not the die-job. The bloke in the back (the one holding a cup and chatting up my Mom, not the one taking out the trash) is my former flatmate who "left" me to live with his girlfriend and came by to do the cabling in my new flat. Luckily without "Let's splice a network cable into phonelines" ideas this time.

Shot of the kitchen to show the foil on the window which allows me to go to the fridge in the buff without proving to my neighbours that I'm in fact not compensating with my TV in the process.
Oh, and that's a lamp, not a UFO hanging from the ceiling.

Thee of the eventual four bookcases placed. The entire wall of books will be eight yards.
Putting together those red insets took an equal amount of time as putting up the big heavy bookcases themselves.

It's not so much that I like plastic vines, I just hate bare piping. You can see the bedroom is fully CAT-6 cabled for gbit network. Windows got the opaque foil treatment too, mostly because there'll be a rather expensive piece of hardware sitting right next to the window that faces the gallery our front doors open unto. There'll also be blinds and even curtains and locks on the window.

I was going to take pictures of my current flat in its 80% packed up state but then I recalled this blog's readership is generally old enough to remember what Beirout looked like during the height of the fighting / bombing and I'd rather not reopen old wounds or trauma's.


  1. Also not the ultra-uber-cool 4" teddybear in the back on pic #3 with which is my official sign of ownership of the flat :-)

  2. I took me a while to find the teddy bear. I wouldn't have recognized it as such if you wouldn't have told me. But now that I know it does appear to be rather ultra-uber-cool :) The place is coming together quite nice. Isn't it a great joy to making a new home?

  3. Quick update:
    Mom called to confess her doggy had done a little wee in the livingroom, right beneath those red doors...
    He has kidney problems and pisses a lot of watery pee. So I'm hoping it won't show. Little hope as it's the most in-your-face spot when you enter.
    At the end of the call she freaked out because she discovered he'd also let go in my bedroom...

    Trying to see the funny side of my 500 Euro's carpet smelling like dog wee. Oh well. We're moving using a truck borrowed from a fish monger so maybe the smells will cancel each other out.