Friday, November 27

Two of the best things to come out of the 80's

And just because it's so awesome:


  1. I wish this had been my first exposure to the Bohemian Rhapsody. No, I had to find it via Wayne's World.

    I love the Muppets. I still casually reference that second guy's "singing" once in a while. My family gets it, but it does draw some odd looks other places. :)

  2. I don't even remember when I first heard Bohemian Rhapsody, according to my mom I was in my cradle at the time and crying but shut up on hearing it. I guess I literally grew up with Queen :-) They remain one of my alltime favourite bands to this day. Wayne's World wasn't a bad way of introducing a new generation to the song.

    Manamanah, the second song, is probably as close to a 'Geek Anthem' as you can get. Of course, you're not really a geek unless you dig the Muppets, but that song has a special place in the hearts of (computer) geeks across the globe :-)

  3. Apparently I am sometimes such a geek-noob. I love the mahna-mahna song, but I had never associated with anything geek. I know it as the closing tune from a radio program. 'Langs de lijn' maybe? Which is a sport program, an therefore quite the opposite :)

    Also, the Muppet Show was not around in 1969 yet, was it? I can vaguely remember the first time it came on TV. And since I was born in 1969 that would be quite impossible.

  4. 1969?
    That's the birthyear of Sesame Street.
    Don't believe everything you see on Youtube Phè
    The Muppet Show premiered in 1976. :-)

    The song isn't loved by just Geeks, but I have yet to find a Geek who doesn't love it.

  5. Ah, ok. *phew* I was afraid I had to hand in my geek badge.